Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How To Quickly Build Your Business

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 7:32 AM

How To Quickly Build Your Business
(Or Quickly Rebuild, As the Case May Be)

How do you quickly build or rebuild your business once you have had a downturn? This is a great question and one I am sure many are asking themselves right now. In order to answer this properly let’s look at what most companies do.

I am amazed at the lack of communication from most companies to their customers or prospects. I know that some of you are saying that is not true but I disagree. I worked with a company recently that literally had their customers begging them for weekly updates and yet they were told they were just not going to get what they wanted. What’s even more amazing is the company I was trying to help was losing customers for this lack of communication and refused to accept it – as if they make the rules!

I warned them they were going to not only lose this customer but many others and they laughed at me, they actually laughed! A few months later this company is now begging for business and I can’t say I feel sorry for them. I do however, feel sorry for their employees.

Constant communication is extremely important. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or formal; it can be an email or a letter. It can be in a book that you both keep updated or in some way that you both agree upon but keeps the information flowing.

Having said all of this, how do you quickly build your business or rebuild it as the case may be? Contact all of your customers and ask them what you are doing right and more importantly, what you are doing wrong. Ask them how they want you to communicate with them, keep them updated, keep them informed, etc. Then once you have your system set up, make sure that you stay on top of it no matter what! Appoint someone in your organization to stay on top of this and hold them accountable.

Now go back to your past customers and start a dialogue with them. If you were notoriously bad at this before apologize and ask to get started again. If you are honest with your prospects they will many times give you another opportunity to win their business and help get you started in the right direction.

If you are sincere and are willing to communicate even if something goes wrong, you will stand a much better chance of rebuilding your business than you had before. In fact, if something goes wrong, do not try to hide it. Get in touch with them right away with your proposed solution and ask them what direction they would like to take to get it corrected. You will also want them to know what you have put into place to keep the issue from happening again.

Once you are reestablished with your current, past or inactive customer, stay in touch. Send emails, write them letters call them and let them know that you are on top of your business and your customer service.

By keeping your customers and prospects informed you will go a long way to winning their business.

Now that you know how to build or rebuild your business, get started right away and be sincere about it. Remember, this is just the beginning so keep your eyes and ears tuned to our next message to help you win more business and be successful.

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To all of your success, God bless!

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