Thursday, June 13, 2013

How To Keep Growing Your Business In The Face Of Adversity

Thursday, June 13, 2013 10:41 AM
Many times business will grow and do well but eventually the success seems to taper off and despite the companies best efforts it seems to grow stagnate. Studies have proven that 9 out of 10 times this is because the attitudes of the people involved with the company have changed.

In the beginning you are passionate about growing your company or that you just got a great new job (if you are an employee and not the owner), you're excited and optimistic about the future and what the company or business can provide for you and how you can help others. But after awhile the glow wears off and instead of feeling like a gift or a privilege it feels like a chore.

The trip to work is now a taxing ordeal instead of enjoying the drive. The employees who were interesting and intriguing new people are now aggravating and boring. The boss that used to be inspiring and full of life is now tiresome and drones on about things you don't even care about.

But what changed? To answer this question lets go back to the basics. Way back before business and companies to the days of farming and subsistence living, something everyone can understand in one sense or another.

Plowing the field, planting the seeds, watering them, protecting them from pests and weather, and waiting and waiting for them to produce fruit or a crop doesn't sound like much fun, but to people back then it was their life. They were excited to feed themselves, their family, and their village. They were ALLOWED to do it, in the sense that it was something good for them. In their minds it wasn't something they HAD to do, it was something they GOT to do, it was something they were PRIVILEGED to do.

In the business world our attitude must be the same! We are PRIVILEGED to have a job and a way to provide for ourselves and families. Change your attitude from "I have to..." into "I'm privileged to..." and you will see a world of difference and your days will be much better. Even if you are doing the same things as
before, your outlook has changed. Just like the ancient farmers mentioned above, their attitudes were good and thus their work was too (otherwise they would have starved and none of us would be here right now!).

So remember the next time you feel like your work is a chore and your facing some adversity, change "I have to..." into "I'm privileged to..."!

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