Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How To Sell More Now!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 11:20 AM
How To Sell More Now! It is exactly what it means – how to sell more now; today, tonight, tomorrow and everyday going forward.

Every business, entrepreneur, hungry person, fed up with my pay person, starving student and more all need to do one thing: Sell more now! It doesn’t matter what you sell (providing you are a legitimate business, not breaking the law and it is moral and ethical).

If you are in the plumbing business you need more business (sales). If you are in the tech world, you need more business (sales). If you are in energy, hair care, medical, utilities, transportation, etc. you need to sell more now!

Let’s start with the obvious, your current customers.

·        What are their long and short term goals?
·        What are their pain points?
·        What are they trying to accomplish right now?

It is your job to get the answers to these questions and then find a way to help them get what they need, reach their goals and get to their desired outcome.  That’s what makes this so great – you can help others reach their goals and get paid very well in the process.

If they are your current customers they already know you and should have a level of trust with you that others who are new won’t have. Make an appointment and sit down with them and do everything from their point of view.

Yes, if you read that last sentence right you would have heard – it’s not about you salesperson! You don’t count in this equation. The only thing that counts is your customer and their needs.

When you tell them that and truly, sincerely, and from your inner-most being mean it they will tell you their issues. When this happens you are going to finally find out what it means to truly be a problem solver, to love your job because you have just fallen in love with your customer (more on this in our last two post’s, please go and check them out)!

How about the not so obvious? Why not sit down with your customers and let them know that you are here to take care of their problems? They will be surprised at first but very happy. Ask them their issues, ask them their pain and be prepared because it may be you or your organization!

When they tell you all of their pain, itemize each one and let them know at the end of your meeting which ones that you can take care of (it should be all of them). Ask them, if you can solve these problems will they give you more business?

Now please be smart about this. If they are giving you a list of items that your company doesn’t do, don’t do what others are doing. Do NOT tell them you don’t handle this and you will help them find someone that does.

You go and find someone that does that you can trust and are comfortable working with (do not go into this without having a teaming agreement in place that is signed by all that they cannot go around you).

Make a deal with those that can take care of all of these things so that you get your part of the business for bringing everyone together. Make sure that you are protected but by all means take care of your customer. Once you do this you will be rewarded beyond what you can imagine. We did this with just one company and increased our business by over $1 Million per month each and every month!

Get started with this and we will cover more in our next post. Please do us a favor and comment on this post and our others. We would love to see what is on your mind so go ahead and leave your comments below.

Until our next post – we wish you all success!
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