Thursday, March 24, 2016

Are You Water?

Thursday, March 24, 2016 7:27 AM

The Big Question

“Are You Water?” I recently had this question run through my mind after working on some issues for one of our clients. The reason it ran through my mind was because the issue I was working on was one that was going to require a “suck it up” kind of answer.

As a business consultant we deal with many issues that businesses go through but mostly they are people issues. I will save discussing those for another time as they would require writing a book to cover them or a volume of books (I think I found my next big project)!


Keep in mind that your business is just like regular life, just on steroids. You have to get so much done in a day in order to achieve the success you are after, you have to cram a lot of life into a little space and still have a life before heading home to your “regular” life.

So how do we make it a little easier, how do we lighten the load just a little?

For the answer to this we need to turn to a little science. Our bodies are something like 60% to over 70% water (it may feel like 90% at times until you find that next rest stop but I digress).

The Force Be With You - Literally

Think about how water works, what it does, how it does it, etc. Without water we can’t exist. Without water our blood wouldn’t flow, our brains wouldn’t work, our kidneys would cease filtering and on and on. Water is a wonderful, life sustaining requirement. It is also extremely powerful and it literally cannot be stopped.

We can slow it down by damming it, rerouting it, thickening it, and a whole myriad list of things we try to do to stop water. We even build walls thinking that will work, but to no avail.

What does this have to do with your business? 


Everyone has issues in life; we certainly have them in our businesses. Those that are successful learn how to get through them. Those that are extremely successful or ultra-successful are the ones that have figured out how to do this quickly and effectively.

Stay Liquid My Friends

How do they do this? They remain liquid. When they run into an obstacle, they try their regular tried and true methods to get through it but if it doesn’t work they don’t waste time whining, or getting upset with themselves or others, they get to work.

They look at the issue from every angle they can, the meet with their best and brightest, they meet with those that are in the midst of the issue on a daily basis. Once they have everyone’s input (they get their input quickly, they don’t spend weeks or months trying to build endless committees, this isn’t the government), they set a plan into motion and then they get it done.
In other words they are like water. Water will always find a w ay to get around the obstacles it faces. It may go around, it may go through, it may go over or even a combination of all of these but it is going to get through! Once it makes its way it usually grows to be so overwhelming that virtually nothing can stop it. You can do the same thing with your business and your life - IF you are like water!

You Can’t Be Stopped

So the central question to all of this is “Are You Water?” If you are water, you will find a way to go around, over, under through or all of the above your obstacles. But never forget, if “You Are Water” you will make it and become a force that cannot be stopped – so stay liquid my friends!

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Until my next post, I wish you all success – live like you mean it!

Dean Marchese
The Dean of Success!©

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