Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Wednesday, February 27, 2013 9:24 AM

The very word makes a lot of people uncomfortable because they think if they take time to relax then they're not doing something productive. Many people see relaxing as being lazy and getting nothing done, but this is not the case! 

During the French Revolution, after the royal family was deposed, the new leaders of the country decided that France needed some changes to the way their country was run. They started by looking at the working class- work from sun up until just before sun down, five to six days a week and rest on the seventh. They decided that the working class could be much more productive if they worked longer and did not take a day to rest. In return for this they made the week 10 days long and the working class worked from sun up till about 2 p.m. then had off the rest of the day, but they worked all 10 days. At first it looked like they had achieved success. Frances economy sky rocketed and mainly within the working class. But over the period of about a year most of the working class was admitted to hospitals and monasteries to be cared for, sick and tired, most of them were suffering from fatigue and exhaustion. This new system of no resting was destroying them, their economy, and eventually it would have lead to the downfall of France. The new leaders realized this and they went back to the way it is today.

So make sure that you schedule time to relax! It's just as important as scheduling time for business meetings, or trips out and about. If you have something that's weighing heavily on your mind and heart, I encourage you to take some time away from it, even if its just an hour or so. Do something that makes you happy! You need to completely put the problem and worry out of your mind (much easier said than done sometimes).  Do whatever it is that helps you relax! Maybe you enjoy working on cars, playing music, going for a walk, hiking, swimming, skateboarding, long-boarding, riding a bike, playing with your pets, dancing, drawing or playing an instrument. Whatever it is that helps you relax, do it!  You will find that most times, the answers to your problems will come when your relaxing and not letting the worry of them get to you. 

Take a tip from nature! Animals take time to relax and enjoy themselves every single day. Birds roost at sunset, yet they don't go to sleep until much after dark. What are they doing in between?-RELAXING! Humans are the only creatures that create worry and stress for ourselves, so take a tip from our animal friends and RELAX! Take time every day (even if its just a few minutes) and do something you enjoy doing to relax!

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