Monday, February 25, 2013


Monday, February 25, 2013 8:25 AM


No I don’t mean how well you can see physically, I mean how well you can see mentally. I know you just asked yourself “what?”  What I mean is where will you go if you have no vision or goal of where you want to be. If you go on vacation you don’t just get in the car and drive and see where you end up, that would be a waste of time and resources. 

You first decide where it is you want to go on vacation. Once you decide that you immediately, almost without trying, start to picture it. Lets say you were planning a vacation to Hawaii; first you would decide what island, then what hotel or where to stay, then what to do.  Even while you’re reading this you probably started to imagine Hawaii and all the things to do or places to stay. That’s the beauty of the wonderful human mind, we can picture and imagine and dream. But if there were no original idea, no Hawaii vacation to plan then you wouldn't have any picture or vision of your vacation.

So, just like when planning a vacation, you need a clear picture of where and what you want your life or business or anything you do to go and how it will be once you've reached your goal. You may need to make some changes and adjust your vision along the way, but never forget the end goal, your mental picture.  An artist cannot paint a painting or create a sculpture unless they first have an idea of how they want the end result to be. Michelangelo said when he carved the famous “David” statue out of marble that he could see David inside the marble first and all he had to do was take the excess marble away.

So in summary to do what you truly want to do, or accomplish anything great, you must first have a vision of the end result. Some of the wisest words ever spoken: “People perish for lack of a vision”

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