Wednesday, December 11, 2013

“We Guarantee It!”

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 10:05 AM
Have you ever heard a company say “We Guarantee It?” Most of us have heard it at one time or another. Now for the big questions – have you ever said it? Have you ever thought about saying it? Even more important, do you offer your customers a guarantee?
Now don’t confuse what I am saying with a manufacturers guarantee. What do YOU guarantee your customers?

While you are thinking about this keep some important information in mind: Someone is always taking a risk. Is it you, is it your customer, or is it both? In every transaction there is risk, no matter how big or how small and no matter how sharp (or not), your lawyer may be.

The Buyer is taking a risk and that risk may be that what they are buying may or may not work as advertised. The Buyer is taking a risk that once they buy you may or may not be there to back it up, will you be there to support them if something goes wrong.

There are so many other risks that a Buyer faces when they make a purchase. If the risk is perceived to be too big, they may walk away. If the risk is perceived as not too big or they trust the company that stands behind it, then they may go forward with the purchase (more on trust and how to earn it and keep it in another post).

The Seller takes a risk every time they sell something. They risk whether the product they are selling will perform as expected. They risk the manufacturer behind the product (if it is not the Seller in this case); will be there to back them up. What if the manufacturer tries to find a way to weasel out of taking care of the Seller?

The Seller also risks that they Buyer of the product they are offering is a good customer. What if the Seller offers credit and the Buyer doesn’t pay? What if they then say bad things (true or not), to all those they know about the Seller?

In this post we are focusing on the Seller so how do we work through this type of situation and how do we use this to our advantage?

Think about all of the risks that a Buyer faces when they’re buying your products and services and figure out a way to remove them. Think through and figure out ways that you can help the Buyer feel comfortable doing business with you.

Once you have figured this out, let everyone know about it – don’t keep it a secret! This will not only get your message out to everyone that you are trying to reach but it will make those that have tried your products and services feel good enough to come back again.

Help your Buyers buy from you and not from your competition. In other words do all that you can to remove your Sales Prevention Departments (more on this in another post)!

You may have to offer a money back guarantee – including shipping. Offer to send your engineers or staff to the Buyer’s site to help implement your product or service. Do what you can to ensure that every transaction goes smoothly. How about giving them your guarantee that you will show up to oversee the project?

Take the time to figure it out and be honest with yourself but do it NOW! Figure out your Prospects and Buyers fears and take them away. Not sure what their fears and concerns are? Here is a sure-fire way to figure out what they are – ask them! Pretty simple but most people never ask! We will get into the “asking them” part in another post but for now, figure it out.

Very Important – once you make the offer to guarantee it, you must be prepared to back it up!

Once you can honestly say “We Guarantee It!” and promoted it properly, stand back and watch your sales role in!!!!

Until our next post – we wish you all success!

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