Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy New Year, Or….

Wednesday, January 22, 2014 10:01 AM
Is this year going to really be a Happy New Year or will it be more of the same old:
  • Frustrations?
  • Lost Sales?
  • Lost Sleep?
  • Worry?
  • Anxiety?
  • Wishing you were doing much better?
  • Thinking you should be doing something else?
  • Thinking you should get a job?

Big news – we’ve all been there! There are going to be very difficult days ahead when you are running a business and there will be times that you are amazed at how wonderful life is. The problem? The distance between those two times and how you close this gap.

First, be completely and brutally honest with yourself. Where are you now and how did you get here? Don’t blame everyone else, don’t talk about how you came from the wrong side of town, and don’t wish you were born to other parents in another family. You are unique and uniquely gifted. It is up to you to figure out your gifts and how to use them to help others.

Once you figure out your unique gifts and talents, you can now begin to look at how you can offer them to your customers through your business.

You may sell an off the shelf item that everyone else offers. Now the question is how do you take your unique gifts and talents and make these same products stand out? You may not be able to but you certainly can use your gifts to offer the absolute best customer service on the planet.

You would be surprised to hear all of the complaints I get from businesses as to how bad they get treated by their suppliers but don’t know where else to go for their products or services. If you came in and gave them a real value proposition and gave them, promised them, guaranteed them the results they were looking for, you would own your marketplace!

Start looking at everything in your business, from the smallest, tiniest thing on up. How about sending your customers an email to let them know you received their email? I know this seems ridiculous but I have watched small and large companies refuse to do this and have them lose many, many millions in business over something so small! The problem is that it seems small to them but it is huge to their customers.

Think about everything from the standpoint of your customer or prospect. The customer/prospect sends an email requesting something from you and then they never know if you received it. They wait and wonder and are losing time and sleep wondering if they are going to hear back from you.

Why not set up an auto responder that lets them know that you received their email and are working on their request – Bam! In less than a nanosecond and all done automatically, your customer/prospect is happy, you are working on their request without having to manually answer them and everyone is happy – pretty simple.

How about the business that is having cash flow issues and is owed a large sum of money but won’t call to ask to get paid, why? They think the customer may get upset and not give them any more business. You don’t have to be nasty you can be nice about it and nudge them along. I helped a company with this and found out a large amount of money they were owed was never invoiced by their own team!

Now the question remains, is it going to be a Happy New Year or just another year that you are getting older and more miserable? Take hold of your situation, get up, smile and determine that this is going to be the best year you have ever had because this is the year that you make the changes that you need to make.

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Until our next post – we wish you all success!
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