Monday, March 31, 2014

How Do I Get Repeat Business?

Monday, March 31, 2014 8:30 AM
One of the biggest issues in business that we get asked to help with is the question “How Do I Get Repeat Business?” This is a very important question which we will attempt to answer here. I say “attempt” because we certainly cannot answer every situation because of lack of space but we will cover it at a high level.

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Let’s jump into this by creating a situation that will illustrate the point that many businesses are in right now. Here is the situation:

Let’s start with a business where you have a lot of competition and you are buying your products from the same manufacturer as everyone else (i.e. computers, air/water filters, cables, flooring, cabinets, etc.).

In this situation you really cannot affect the quality of your product(s), the color or design, etc. The manufacturer sets the tone for what you will be offering to your customers based on what they have decided to produce at that time. What can you do?

First and foremost will be your customer service. There will be many people reading this and they will stop reading right here because they are either cold to this subject or because they think they have customer service nailed down. I can promise you that most of the people that are reading this as well as 90% or more of the businesses out there have no clue about true customer service.

The type of customer service that I am talking about here is the kind that shows that you have fallen in love with your customers! The kind of customer service that shows that you will go to the nth degree to take care of them – no matter what! How about a great example?

Some years back a lady brought tires into Nordstrom’s to return them because she didn’t like them and didn’t need them. The person that was handling this situation took the tires back and assured the lady that she would be taken care of. They took the tires back, found the right ones for the lady’s car and took them to her. The crazy part of this? Nordstrom’s doesn’t sell or service tires!

Now I know right now that some of you are saying that is ridiculous and it may be – for you. But let’s get to the end of the story. The lady was married to someone that was very high up in the business world and she relayed how wonderful the person at Nordstrom’s was. Her husband let her know that Nordstrom’s doesn’t deal in tires.

To make a long story short, she was so impressed she went back to Nordstrom’s and over time spent over $100,000.00 with Nordstrom’s because of how they took care of her.

What can you do? Think of all of the aggravation that you go through on a regular basis with your customers. Right here is an awesome opportunity to take away the aggravation. Think about it, if you are getting overwhelmed with dealing with this, how do you think your customer feels? Find ways to clean up your processes, make the customers experience with you much easier, more trusting; make it a much better situation dealing with you rather than your competition.

Never forget this next point!

People will keep coming back to the place of least resistance.

If they are getting what they want, if they are made to feel special, if they know they are appreciated, they will literally do all they can to stuff your pockets full of cash!

If you are doing the things that make them feel this way, there is no way they will go somewhere else. If they are going somewhere else, take this as an opportunity to correct your way of doing business. Look at everything that you are doing, would you want to be treated the same way? If the answer is no, fix it! Go overboard to take care of your customers, come up with ways to make them feel special. How about:

  • Sending them thank you cards after each order?
  • Taking them to lunch just to say thank you?
  • Sending them tickets to a sports game?
  • Sending them tickets to the theatre or the opera?
  • Finding out what they like to do outside of work and help them do it?
  • Placing flowers on their desks?
  • Send them on vacation?
  • Providing a driver for the day?
  • Sending them to the spa?
  • This list could last for over a thousand pages!
Are you getting the idea? The way that you get repeat business is to make doing business with you so easy, so rewarding, so over the top they never want to go anywhere else! This is the secret to getting repeat business, and guess what? It never, ever fails!

You will need to go out of your way to make customers feel like you love them. For those that are in business and think their customers are a pain, this will be extremely difficult to do. For those that see a giant opportunity in front of them and genuinely love their customers, this will be easy as it will be second nature to you to do.

There you have it, make doing business with you the absolute best experience your customers could have and you will win them for life. Think of ways to make their life easier, remove their pain and make them happy and they will reward you forever.

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