Thursday, April 3, 2014

How Do You Show Empathy?

Thursday, April 3, 2014 8:11 AM
In our last post we began to answer the question “How Do I Get Repeat Business?” We are going to continue along these lines in this post by posing another question that we ask our clients – “How Do You Show Empathy?”

If we truly subscribe to the belief that “it is all about you,” the only true way to stay in that mindset, to get into the minds of our prospects and customers, is to get into their hearts. The best way to get into their hearts is to have empathy. In order to do this we must know what empathy is, what it really means.

Here is the Webster’s Online Dictionary meaning of the word empathy:

  • The action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present…

So the meaning here is to being aware or sensitive to the feelings and experience of another. If you get nothing else out of all of our blog posts, all of our teachings, sharing, products, etc., get this down in your bones:

            *Be aware and sensitive to the needs, the feelings, the pain, the struggles and more, of your customers and prospects!

If you truly get this you will never, ever have to worry about business again. But please make note of this next point – most people will never get this, most will never care to get this, those that may will quickly forget this – DO NOT BE ONE OF THEM!!!!!!

The great news is this – since most of your competitors are like this but you won’t be; you are destined for success! That’s right, if you understand this point, you will rise above all of your competitors, gain market share, increase your income, increase your profit and dominate your market – period!

Now of course the question comes into play – “How Do You Show Empathy?” Empathy and sympathy are two different things, we want to show empathy. We want to know what our customers and prospects are going through, we want to feel their pain – and then have the way or come up with a way to take it away.

Once your customers and prospects understand that you really do care about them and not just their money, they will try you and your business, they will give you the chance to prove yourself which gives you the opportunity to win them over for life!

Let me make a point here so that you understand what generally happens in these situations. Providing you have done the groundwork, you have researched their issues, you have understood their pain, they are NOT going to start pouring millions of dollars into your business.

This is where so many people get confused and give up, don’t quit! If you really understand your business, your prospects and your customers you will understand this. They are going to test you; they are going to see if you meant what you said. They will most likely give you a small order and see how you handle it.

Handle it properly and they will give you a larger order and so on. I recently worked with an organization that we are helping to get their business back on track. They were given an opportunity to win a new customer. The opportunity was a small one (which I told them was going to happen). They complained because it was so small, seriously?!

The prospects are not just going to jump on board with you, do you know why? Because everyone else has told them the same thing but never came through, this is your chance – make the most of it!

Now, “How Do You Show Empathy?” By going over the information in this post and applying it to your situation and really thinking it through you will have more business than you can handle. Take some time and speak with your customers. Don’t send them something in the mail, go meet with them face to face – including prospects.

If you really want to get an idea of how to really gain empathy, go ask your former customers that left you and find out why – this is an eye opener and one that all businesses should be doing, but that’s another post for another time.

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Until our next post – we wish you all success!
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