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Thursday, April 10, 2014 7:16 AM
In our last few posts we began to answer the questions “How Do I Get Repeat Business?” and “How Do You Show Empathy?” Let’s take this a step further by asking you what your obsession is? Actually let’s ask it with a little more intensity, what is your “magnificent obsession?”

Obsession is a funny word because it can be either good or bad. You can be obsessed with something and have it end up in a negative way or you can have it end up in a positive way – your choice.

Since we have been writing about growing our businesses and gaining market share, customers, loyalty, etc., it seems fitting to mention the word obsession.

If we use this word and all of the emotions that is elicits, the drive that it creates and the positive it can become, we can literally change our world and those around us for the better.

If we become obsessed with what is driving our customers and prospects, we should be asking ourselves:

·         What is causing them pain?
·         How can I make the buying experience a great one for them?
·         How can I go the extra mile?
·         How can I get ahead of my competition?
·         How can I knock my competitors out of the running?
·         How can I lock them out forever?
·         How can I get into the mind of my customers and prospects?
·         If I were in their position what would be driving me?
·         If they could choose the best of every supplier, what would that be?
·         The list should keep going for you.

If you are struggling to come up with more questions and if you want to really know what drives your customers and prospects, there is a really simple way to get all of the answers that you need. You simply ask them!

That’s right, make an appointment with them and go sit with them and ask them. Also ask them what else should you be asking, what do they really want to be fixed, how can you make their experience the best there can be?
Ask them what you have done right in the past but more importantly what you have done wrong in the past in order to keep that from happening again. What would they like to see you do, what products should you carry, what services would they like you to perform?

You see once you make the commitment to become obsessed with your customers and prospects lives, you put yourself at a whole new level of caring. You will become what you and they have always wanted, someone that cares.

When you become obsessed with the needs of your customers and determine to follow through to see that you provide this level of service to and for them, you will transform your company, your life, the lives of your employees and more importantly the lives of your customers and prospects. You will become all that you knew that you could but may have been struggling to figure out how to get there.

Become obsessed with your customers (in the right way), and you will never have to worry about your competition again. Your obsession to be the best supplier to your customers and prospects will guarantee that you will never have to worry about having enough business ever again!

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Until our next post – we wish you all success!
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