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Monday, April 14, 2014 8:49 AM
In our last few posts we began to answer the questions “How Do I Get Repeat Business?” and “How Do You Show Empathy?” We also touched on the fact that we need to become obsessed with our customers and prospects needs. We need to make their experience with us spectacular on every level. Now we are going to continue in this with the simple addition of a word that some people just don’t want to utter and that is – ask for “Help!”

You know the old story that some people just won’t ask for directions when they are lost? Well it is even worse with businesses because they just won’t ask for help! How silly is this? You have worked so hard to get your business running and now you don’t want to ask for help?

Maybe there is something else going on here. Maybe the person feels they are supposed to have all of the answers. That asking for help is a sign of weakness or even worse – embarrassment!

Let’s clear this up right now – asking for help isn't a sign of weakness, it is a sign of wisdom and strength! Wisdom would dictate that we use all of our time wisely, correct? Since we only have so much time on earth, make the most of it, get all you can out of it, don’t squander it by trying to figure everything out.

A very wise person told me one time he had gone to the bookstore and spent over $900.00 on books. His assistant told him they thought that was a ridiculous amount of money. He told them to think about what they just said. Rather than have to waste his life learning everything through trial and error, he could by a book for $30.00 and learn in two hours what it took the author 50 years to learn, that is wisdom!

There are so many people that have so much wisdom on so many subjects it is amazing. And guess what? They want to help you! Whether it is starting your business, marketing, sales, accounting, management, shipping, receiving, choosing a location, or so many other subjects, there are many highly qualified people that can help you.

If you were to find out what they charge and figure out how much time and money you are wasting trying to figure this out on your own, what they charge is an absolute bargain! Think of all of the wasted time you could save and the sales that you could make. Think of the wisdom they could share to keep you out of trouble, out of court, or worse!

Wisdom is the principal thing, get all you can and see how much faster you can reach your goals. Remember that to ask for help is a sign of wisdom and strength. Going forward be strong and wise!

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Until our next post – we wish you all success!

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