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The word “Excellence” is used a lot these days. But it generally is just a word to most people with the vast majority not really giving it much thought. This was excellent, that was excellent but what about you and your business?

Webster’s II Dictionary defines the word Excellence as “The quality or state of excelling, something one excels in.” If we use this definition of the word “Excellence,” can you honestly and clearly say you are operating in a state of excellence?

Now before you start to get upset because no one is excellent, keep in mind this post isn’t titled “Perfection” but merely “Excellence.”

You can be excellent without being perfect. You need to decide that you are going to be the best that you can be and that your business can be. You will have to start with yourself. I cannot count the times that I have worked with a client and had them begin to work on this and the first thing they do is to tell their staff that they must become excellent in all they do but the owner of the business is the least excellent of them all – don’t do this!

Start with yourself. Take a look at the things that you are doing that you know you can improve upon and do them right now.

Maybe it’s the way that you speak to your staff or maybe you aren’t speaking to them much at all and need to correct this. Maybe it’s a lack of planning or research or anything that you know you need to change in order to move forward. Start with the easy things, the small things that you can do without much effort and get them done today.

Once you have these done you can start to plan on how you are going to work on the tougher items to tackle. Like what? Here are a few examples:

  • Communicating with your staff
  • Communicating with your customers and vendors
  • Re-working your past customers
  • Facing problems head-on and resolving them
  • Processes within your business
  • Problems that arise within your staff
  • Growing your sales
  • Hiring
  • Firing
  • Insurance issue’s
  • Cutting your costs
  • Obtaining exclusive agreements with your vendors and customers
  • Creating Teaming Agreements
  • Increasing sales without increasing your costs

Make a quality decision that everything you do will be done with excellence. What is a quality decision? A quality decision is one that you will not change, back away from, or be swayed away from no matter how tough things may get.

If you make a quality decision that says you are going to quit smoking and be free from cigarettes within one year then no matter what you are going to be free from smoking within one year. You may not want to go the patch route or drugs to help you because they have their own side-effects. You may say I will change my habits for one week and then again the next week and so on.

If your normal habit is to get up in the morning and drink coffee and smoke a cigarette then hold off on the cigarette for 15 minutes and then have your smoke. Do that for one week and at the end of the week make the following week where you hold off for 30 minutes and so on.
Once you get through a few weeks of stretching out the time till you have one you can look at how many cigarettes in a day you have and figure out when you normally smoke and skip one, just one in the day. The next week skip two and make the second one you skip later in the day. If you continue this you will get well ahead of your goal and be cigarette free before you know it and you will have done it on your own.

Take this same approach in your business and before too long you will have a business that thrives on excellence and you will have a waiting list of great customers, employees and a bright future ahead of you all because you decided on “Excellence!”


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