Thursday, March 26, 2015

Money - Part Two

Thursday, March 26, 2015 7:14 AM
Now we are going to dig a little further into our subject – “Money” Part Two. Our last post on money just began to touch on what business you are in (if you have already forgotten or haven’t read it, please go back and read it now -
Every business on the planet is first and foremost engaged in the business of marketing. Yes, there are those that are not doing any marketing at all and you can make a weak case they are still in business. However, if you watch them and take a closer look you will find they are struggling and eventually will go out of business. Please get this down into your core, YOU MUST MARKET!

If you don’t know much about marketing or nothing at all, it’s okay because keep in mind that most people, most businesses both large and small don’t know much about marketing. Even those that are teaching marketing in schools, colleges, and universities don’t know much about marketing and that is great news for you! Why?

The reason this is great news for you is because you have extremely limited competition. It is also great news for you because you are going to get the best education into marketing that you can get anywhere in the world – right here. That’s why you want to subscribe to this blog because you will get all you need to know and it’s FREE. There’s your first lesson, if you can get what others are paying a fortune for and you can get it for FREE – get it NOW!

Let’s start with the very basics, what is marketing? In my opinion, marketing is getting someone prepared to receive your message, let me explain.

If you go home tonight and you make a demand of your spouse that you are going out to dinner, to a certain restaurant, at a certain time, etc., etc. You may not get the result you were looking for. After all, they may have already made dinner, they may not want to go to your choice of restaurants and they may not want to go when you said you were going. Now you have a big problem on your hands.

However, if you let them know the night before or that morning that you really want to treat them to a really nice time out at a particular restaurant that serves their favorite type of food that has received the highest ratings available and you want to do this just because they are so wonderful to you, you will receive a completely different reaction. Keep in mind, you ended up at the same conclusion you just went about it the right way.

In fact, you “marketed” your idea to your “target” audience first which prepared them to receive your “sales” message which brought you to your “final close” and received your “reward.”

Now please don’t go out and start telling people that I am some cold, calculating person with my family because I am not. I am trying to make a point that your presentation is part of your marketing and you are actually doing this or not doing this all of the time. The choice is yours, do it right and you move ahead, ignore this or do it wrong and be relegated to the dust heap of history. Again, the choice is yours.

Take this to heart and get started working on this and we will be back shortly with our next post about “Money.”

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