Monday, May 18, 2015

Money - Part Six

Monday, May 18, 2015 7:35 AM
I said in my last post that we would look into your copy and your headline in this post on “Money” so let’s jump right into it!

When you send something out to someone in the form of direct mail, you are trying to get a response. You are trying to move the person to take action on your offer (for more on taking action, tune in to our next post).

You know from our last post on this subject that you only have three seconds to grab someone’s attention so you must have something that will quickly standout to them – that’s the headline. The headline is really an ad for your ad. Did you catch that? Your advertisement needs an advertisement.

If you just start your mail piece by going into your story most people won’t read it. It will look like it is just a whole lot of text that the reader feels they won’t have time for so you must use an ad at the top – the headline.

If you are writing a direct mail piece about weight-loss and you have the best method on the planet to lose weight quickly and safely you will want to tell them that in the headline. However, you do not want to state it the way I just wrote it. You would want to make it an eye catcher like:

  • Doctors Astonished at Patients Weight Loss!
  • Finally, a Safe Alternative to Instant Weight-Loss!
  • How You Can Go From Bulging to a Bikini in 10 Days or less!

Get the idea? You want to write something that is honest but will also peak their interest to read further and then finally to take action. In order to get someone to take action the copy of your offering must continue to be compelling. Once they have been hooked by the headline you want to write in a way that keeps the reader wanting more and more.

You may have heard that you need lots of white space and keep your text to a minimum but that is not true – IF you write in a way that keeps the reader so hungry, so into what you are writing that they must read to the end out of fear of missing out on great information.

Writing like this is not easy but it is a skill that anyone can learn if they are determined to become the best they can be.

In our next post we are going to discuss how to get people to take action so stay tuned and stay excited!

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