Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Time Respected or Time Wasted?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 10:53 AM
Many times when we work with our clients we hear statements like “I wish I would have done this earlier” or “I feel like we wasted so much time” and many more along these lines.

The truth is they and we have all wasted time. Sadly, we have all wasted too much time. Think about what you know now looking back over your career and your life, would you have done things at least a little differently? Most of us can say absolutely say yes to this question. However, when are planning to make the change and stop wasting our evermore, day by day, precious time?

You see if we don’t respect the time allotted to us (and none of us know how much time we have), will continue to waste it because just like getting older, we don’t see the time slipping away, we only look up years down the road and see the lines in our faces. We don’t see on a daily basis how much better things could have been. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t realize until too late that our business is in trouble, our families are falling apart and we are letting our lives be taken away from us.

Now before you start to think this post is a doom and gloom party (I am not a doom and gloomer, I am an eternal optimist. If you would like to know why email me at the email below and I will email you back with the reasons for my optimism), this is actually a bit of a wake-up call for everyone.

You see, all of the negative outcomes that I listed above and all of the terrible feelings of loss and despair that I listed above could all be avoided. All of these could be avoided if we stop wasting time. Time is the most precious commodity we have! If you don’t believe this is true, go into any hospital and ask those that are dying what they wish for more than anything – more time!

Since we can’t ultimately get unlimited time, make the time you have unlimited. Let me state this again – since we can’t get unlimited time, make the time we have unlimited!

Pay attention to the most important things in life; your God, your health, your family, your business and anything else that you feel is extremely important. Now down to business.

We wrote before about doing the things that are important but not necessarily doing what is urgent (for an explanation of this click here.)

Rather than waste time trying to figure it out on your own, find someone that has already been there and accomplished it successfully. Ask them to guide you. They may give you the help you need, they may charge you or they may turn you down. If they turn you down don’t get upset, move on to the next person, remember don’t get bogged down and waste time, quickly move on.

The point here is to not waste time. Look at all that you have to get done and find ways to shorten the tasks, delegate them to those that are competent or if possible, eliminate them altogether.

Think about this, for a few dollars and a few hours, you can buy a book and learn what it took someone 50 years or more to learn. Even better, if you can hire someone that knows what you are trying to figure out and they can solve the problem for you, do it!

This doesn’t have to be a full-time employee; in fact it may not be an employee at all. You can contract people and businesses for nearly everything that you need. Imagine how much faster you could move ahead if you focused on what you are great at and leave everything else to everyone else.

Take some time and go through your list of tasks as well as you goals and think about how faster you could reach them if take this advice. Think about how much further ahead you would be and how much more successful you could be by just taking the time to protect your time.

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Until my next post, I wish you all success – live like you mean it!

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