Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Who Is Your Superhero?

Tuesday, November 3, 2015 9:39 AM
“Who Is Your Superhero?” I can hear some of you already saying its Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman or a host of others.

Many of us are constantly looking for a Superhero and wondering if we will ever find one or if they even exist.

What if I let you in on a secret? What if this secret could revolutionize your business?

You could use this secret to increase your sales and become someone else’s Superhero – how amazing would you be in their eyes!

Would knowing who this is help you grow your business? Hopefully you are paying attention because the answer may astound you.

What is this much anticipated secret? Your Superhero already exists and there are two of them. Amazingly, they are right in front of you. Your Superhero is your number one customer! What?! How is this even possible?!

Before you blow this off and want to stop reading, pay attention here because this can change the entire course of your future for the better.

Dig into your business data and find out which of your customers produces the most sales and the most profit margin. Once you have this information find out everything you can about them and figure out more ways to serve them better, faster, more intensely.

Ask yourself:

·         What needs do they have?
·         What else can you do for them?
·         What else can you offer them?
·         What other divisions do they have that you can serve?
·         What other locations do they have that you can reach out to?
·         Who do you need to partner with?

Let me give you an example of this.

Several years back we started a janitorial business and had a goal to reach $1 Million within 24 months and to have a 50% profit margin. I was told by everyone in this industry that it was impossible – they were partially right. It actually took us only 18 months to reach our goal.


We went after the business by providing the best value they could get. I didn’t say the lowest price I said the best value (if you want to know exactly how we did this and what “best value” means in this case, email me and I will go further into it).

Once we were contracted to do their work, we took care of them like no one ever did before. They became extremely comfortable with us and soon we were able to ask them about their other items like:

§  Paper Products
§  Hand Cleaners
§  Coffee Services
§  Vending Machines
§  Window Washing
§  Carpet Cleaning
§  The list goes on and on

If you look at your best customer and follow what I just pointed out, your revenue can grow exponentially.

Once you are done going through this exercise with this customer, guess what? Start with the next one on your list and follow this all the way through your customer list and add this for any new ones you get.

When you see how much this can affect your business you will do this on a regular basis and you will get the answer to the question “Who Is Your Superhero?” I said earlier there were two Superhero’s so who is the second one? The next time you look in the mirror you will be looking right at them!

Until my next post, I wish you all success – live like you mean it!

Dean Marchese
The Dean of Success!©

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