Thursday, May 5, 2016

Are You Listening?

Thursday, May 5, 2016 7:44 AM
You Talking To Me?

Yes I’m talking to you and no this isn’t a joke about New Yorkers (I am a New Yorker so tread lightly)! So I will ask the question again, are you listening?

Why Do I Care?

So much about your business is based on listening. Building businesses is what we do so if I care about this you should too. Why? Because when you aren’t listening you aren’t engaging. If you aren’t engaging with your customers and prospects you won’t be in business much longer.

Launching Is For Rockets Not Salespeople!

Don’t launch! For some reason when most salespeople get in front of their prospects they launch into what they or their company does. Aren’t they supposed to jump in and tell the prospect what they do? Don’t you want them to get the information out as quickly as possible? NO!

The best thing a salesperson can do is to ask questions about the prospect, their job, their company, etc. and then… shut up! Yes I know that is harsh but I watch people go into situations and it’s like they are bursting to get the information out and blast the prospect and all the prospect wants to do now is get the salesperson away from them as fast as possible and the sale is now lost.

Are You Listening?

Rather than tell the prospect how great you are, why not ask them what their issues are? Why not help guide them from their problems and pain into a solution that you provide?

You can’t offer the solution if you haven’t listened to them to find out their problems. You can’t lead them to victory if you don’t know what is defeating them. Stop talking and start listening and you will be miles ahead of your competition. How do I know? Because I am out with your competition on a daily basis and they aren’t listening!

A Very Short Interview!

A few years back I was looking to hire some outside salespeople for a company I was running at the time. We had a lot of applications so I would have to quickly weed out those that weren’t qualified.
One of the applicant’s came into the interview and told me he was a great salesperson because he loved to talk, and he proceeded to prove his point by launching into a high speed assault on my ears. Needless to say the interview ended very quickly.

Be The Best!

If you want to be the best then you must learn to be the best. Know your information better than anyone else, know your market better than anyone else and make sure that you LISTEN to your prospects. If you run into a tough sales call, ask yourself: Are You Listening? You just may surprise yourself by what you find out. Make the necessary adjustments, learn to listen and you may quickly rise to the top.

Until my next post, smile and listen!

Dean Marchese
The Dean of Success!©

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