Monday, August 26, 2013

Question – You Do Or Do Not Need To Direct Your Customers?

Monday, August 26, 2013 6:54 AM
This is such a great question we will ask it again: You Do Or Do Not Need To Direct Your Customers?

Why would we ask such a bizarre question? The reason is very simple; most businesses are losing customers because of a lack of direction, what was that? You read that right, so many businesses lose a sale because their potential customers don’t know what to do.

They either don’t know how to engage you or your business, can’t figure out how to order, don’t know what to order or are just plain lost!

Take a look at your marketing pieces, mailers, and other advertising or sales literature. Is it clear what you want your customers to do? Is it easy to find the instructions or directions as to how to take advantage of your offers? In most cases the answer is a resounding no!

It is our job to not only engage our potential customers and prospects but to help them reach their desired goal which should be to purchase your products or services if you offer what they need. If you don’t we will show you in a later post how to cover this as well so that you always get the sale – always!

Now the question is how?

If you are a retail location, don’t be in your customers face but gently let them know that you are there for them and that you can help them with anything they may want. Check back with them periodically and as they are giving you information help guide them to those products.

If you are running ads and/or using direct mail; make sure you have a “call to action” in each piece. It should show them exactly what to do to take advantage of your ad and how to go about doing that.

  • Do you want them to call and if so what is the number?
  • If you want them to come in, where are you and how do they get there?
  • If it for a limited time, what is that time.
  • If they miss the specified time, how will you make it up to them?
  • What other offers do you have coming up?
  • How are you going to capture their information like phone, email, etc.?

By the way, a quick piece of advice: Don’t get cute with your advertising! We will touch on this in a later post.

Every sales letter, offer, ad, commercial, or any other advertising that you do should lead your customers to do what you want them to do. If they need to go and pick up the phone, tell them to go and pick up the phone – now! If they need to come in with your ad, tell them that very clearly!

You want to make this as easy as you can because your competitor will if you don’t! So to answer the question “You Do Or Do Not Need To Direct Your Customers?” The answer is absolutely yes you do!

In our next post we will discuss how to really engage your customers so they will never go anywhere else but your business for all of their needs. We will share with you how to make your business so compelling they will never think of going anywhere else, never, ever!

Until our next post, we wish you all success.
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