Thursday, September 11, 2014

Building A Team

Thursday, September 11, 2014 9:20 AM
Our last post was titled “You and the NFL” and discussed your connection to the NFL. In this post “Building a Team” we are going to continue with our thoughts to be sure that we get you and your business moving in the right direction.

Let’s first deal with the myth of the “self-made man or woman.” There really is no such thing as this because everyone has someone helping them along the way, even those that gave us a hard time because they made us think through some things we may have not thought of as we were pursuing our goal. Whether you try to go it alone or not, you will still need a team of sorts. You will need help with accounting; legal and other issue’s, so please put to rest that you are or want to be “self-made.”

In “Building a Team” we are going to focus on the importance of team building and the issues that come up without setting this up properly. The faster you start to look at what your team will consist of, be made up of and/or how it is going to be set up the better off you will be.

Always keep something in mind. Most business owner’s focus on how little they can pay someone and still get them to come into work. I want to challenge this thinking and see if we can come at this from a better angle. Why not figure out what the highest amount or the most that you can comfortably pay in order to get the best person for the job?

I know this idea seems contrary to what most are taught but it is far more effective than trying to get the cheapest person which will generally mean they have no experience or drive or a whole host of other issues that may or may not help you get to your next level.

At the very least you will have to spend time and money training the person to get them where you want to be. Once you have done this they become more valuable in the marketplace and now you are competing to try and keep them from leaving. This also doesn't take into account all of the lost opportunities that you could have won right away with someone that knew what they were doing.

Back to building our team to help us reach our goals. Take some time and step back from the hustle and bustle and look at each part of your business and begin to imagine all of the positions that you will need to carry out your mission. You may not have the people or the funds for the people right now, that’s okay, make your organizational chart anyway.

Once you have made your chart, fill in the boxes with who you have. It may only be you for right now and that’s okay too, just fill in where your main role is.

If you have others in the company, be honest and think through if they are the best person for the job. If not, would they fit somewhere else in the company where they are more suited? If not, cut your losses and find the best person, for the most that you can pay right now.

Do this with each person in your company and you will see a vast improvement in your growth and a reduction in your stress.

Of course, don’t make all of the changes at the same time on the same day or you will be filling all the roles in the company and you will be completely stressed out. Have a plan and follow through on your plan.

Now let’s look into some other areas of how to build your team.

  1. Always pick people that are hungry, they are eager to show you they are an asset to your business. They know they have the chops (without being arrogant or rude); they just want a fair chance with a good company in order to make their mark in life.

  1. Pick people that are at the top of their game that will fit in with your organization and will work for what you are able to pay them. Don’t just settle for the first person that comes along. They in fact may end up being the best person but check out others to be sure.

  1. Clearly articulate to everyone what your vision of the company is, where you are going and how important they are to everyone’s overall success. Make sure you get everyone to buy in and make a commitment to the vision, goals and team spirit of the company.

  1. Show them how each person and each department interlocks with all of the other departments and why it so important to get along with each other.

  1. Keep in mind that in life that not everyone gets along but they can still work together. People get on the bus and people get off the bus. It’s okay if people want to leave and move on. It is also okay if you need to ask someone to leave in order to keep building your team in the proper manner.

  1. Go over their strengths and weaknesses when appropriate and match their strengths to another with these same traits as their weaknesses. This way you build a team that is balanced and not too heavy in one direction or another.

  1. Make sure that when you bring someone on that you make it a big deal. Let them know how happy you are they joined your team and communicate it to everyone. Tie balloons to their chair, have something special when they walk in the door on their first day of work, get a cake and have everyone celebrate with you. Go out of your way to make them feel welcome. This will pay dividends to your company and team spirit for years.

  1. Never reprimand publicly, always do this privately. When possible and appropriate always pat people on the back publicly.

  1. One last thing, build a culture in your business that you are determined to find the good in your team. Don’t allow the weight of running a business steal your joy of those around you. All of us have issues, all of us have problems, and everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. When your team knows that you are looking to pat them on the back they will go out of their way to make you and their teammates proud.

Follow these simple steps to “Build a Team” and you will be well on your way to building the world-class team that you envisioned when you started out.

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