Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Best Customer Service

Thursday, September 18, 2014 11:30 AM
How do you offer “The Best Customer Service” and how do you get thought of as having “The Best Customer Service?” Great question!

First, are you passionate about what you do? So many people are just going through the motions of their job, their business and their life. If you aren’t passionate about what you are doing, either find a way to become passionate about it or find a new line of work.

Why would I make such a cold statement? It’s not because I am trying to sound mean it’s because our lives are so short that you don’t want to waste your life in misery. There are so many opportunities in the world to do what you enjoy why settle for less?

Once you have established what you are passionate about and enjoy doing (please keep in mind that every job, every business and profession have their down days), let’s look into how to be the best at customer service.

Look at all of those in the industry that you have picked and see how they are handling customer service. Keep in mind that I am not saying to do things the way they are doing them. In fact, I am saying much of the opposite. Go to your competition and find out how they:

  • Greet you when you walk in (if it is a retail location)
  • Handle your phone calls (are they courteous)
  • Handle returns of the items that you purchased
  • Made you feel doing business with them
  • Work with you to find or get what you need
  • Take care of you after the sale

Now that you are armed with your competitor’s way of doing business, look into other industries and see how they handle customer service. Seek out the best:

  • Car dealers service departments
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel chains
  • Department stores
  • Airlines, etc.

Buy books and read them on customer service, get new ideas on how to use these in your industries and put them in place.

Now train everyone in your organization on how you want it done and do not allow anyone to slack off! Yes, you will have to change personnel because some people just won’t do things the way you want them to. Others are just negative down to their core and will never be able to be positive for you. That’s okay, they just need to go to your competition and make their lives miserable (which will get you more business).

Many businesses are in business to sell items they don’t manufacture so the only way to differentiate themselves is through “The Best Customer Service” and now you can too.

Go out and win all the business you can by being the best customer service company out there!

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Dean Marchese

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