Thursday, October 2, 2014

How to Keep in Touch with Your Customers

Thursday, October 2, 2014 9:22 AM
In our last post we discussed making every second count. We are going to continue along those lines this time with “How to Keep in Touch with Your Customers.”

Many businesses and salespeople work like crazy to win an account or to get the order and that’s a good thing. However, many of these same businesses and salespeople move on to the next prospect and don’t do much if anything to keep the ones they just won or have had for a while.

This is bad business for so many reasons. If you aren't taking care of your customers and someone that understands what we are going to discuss here comes along, you are out and may never get back in. Don’t forget:

► The Harvard Business Review stated that “the average U.S. Corporation loses half of their customers every five years…”

That is a shocking statistic and should be extremely alarming to you!

How do you keep this from happening? Become a master at learning: “How to keep in Touch with Your Customers” and you will win every time. Let’s dig into this a little further.

When you have won a customer and they signed your contract or said yes to your proposal, send them a thank you note. Yes you can email them one but also send them a real thank you note in the mail. People still love to get mail but more importantly they don’t want to be taken for granted. Unfortunately many business people and salespeople tend to forget about them once the sale is made. Let’s go back to the beginning and go through the process.

You are out looking for new customers so you mail your prospects some helpful information, you email them, call them, etc. Now you have their attention and they begin to engage with you and things are looking up.
They give you an appointment, you do your presentation and they say yes! Finally, after months of hard work you are in and life is grand. Now you begin to look for the next prospect and so it goes.

When you are so deeply engaged in finding new prospects, after a while the old ones tend to be too much work. You start to shy away from them because you need new business, we get it, we’ve been there.

The trouble is that someone else is beating on their door while you aren’t paying attention and before you know it, you’re out and your competition is in.

Get in the habit of following up, have a day for nothing but phone calls and follow up. When you are so busy that you can’t do any of this, think about hiring an assistant. It can be a person that is nearby but it can also be a virtual assistant that does what you ask from far away and they don’t charge that much.
Let’s go through one of the processes that we use in order to illustrate what I mean. I won’t be able to go through every detail here but you will get the idea and see what you will need to do.

  1. Clearly identify our product and or services.
  2. Clearly identify what makes our products and or services better than the competition.
  3. Clearly identify our target market.
  4. Clearly articulate what pain and problems our target market is having.
  5. Clearly identify how we are going to remove or lessen their pain by using our products and or services.
  6. Make sure that everything we do is communicating our benefits to our market.
  7. Create a letter series to introduce ourselves to our market and make clear how we can help them.
  8. After each letter goes out, send a follow up letter.
  9. Begin to call our prospects and offer a demonstration or offer to share what we are doing for others.
  10. After the meeting send them a thank you letter for taking the time to meet and consider us.
  11. During our initial conversation find out about them personally, what they like to do, where they want to go, etc.
  12. Download information from the internet about what they like and send it to them once a week with a sticky note saying “thought you might find this interesting” and send it to them (don’t mention doing any business with them, this is personal).
  13. Keep this going, never, ever, stop!
  14. Start again with our next prospect while keeping the series going for the first ones.

This is just a small sample of what we do to make sure we never lose contact with our customers and prospects. Is it a lot of work? Absolutely but the rewards are enormous!

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