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Prevent Problems

Monday, October 13, 2014 7:40 AM

In this post “Prevent Problems” we want to share ways that not only “Prevent Problems” but will actually help you grow your business.

Let’s start by discussing what our role as business people really is supposed to be about. We are to solve problems, the bigger the problem and the more of them the bigger the paycheck, period.

Don’t get all caught up and write me nasty letters, the truth is the truth. In fact, the faster you embrace this the faster your success will come to you.

One of the ways to prevent problems is through proper communication. Unfortunately we don’t have enough space to dig deep into this subject but a quick overview will help us dramatically.

When someone asks you or your business to solve a problem (find them a product, perform a service, give them advice, etc.), they are asking for your help. They also need to know that you have heard them [received their email, heard their vice, read their letter, etc.], and not be left hanging.

I cannot write enough times in these blog posts about the absolute foolishness of not staying in touch with your prospects and customers. How difficult is it to communicate with someone that you received their request? In today’s world of instant everything, send them a note!

A few years back I was helping a company build their sales and their customers were complaining they never know if this company received their emails. I asked why they didn’t just set up an auto-responder that immediately sends a response to all quote requests and lets them know they received it.

To do so is free, painless and after setting it up (a 3 minute process), is completely automated. Amazingly they told me they just didn’t want to and wanted to know what the big deal was! I politely let them know they were going to lose about $500,000.00 in business with more customers to leave along with them. These other customers amounted to many millions of dollars.

You know what their response was? They laughed at me! They actually laughed at me!!

Well here we are a few years later and several of their now former customers have contacted me and let me know they no longer deal with them. I had lunch with one of the offending companies’ employees and he told me they were losing customers in droves. Hmmmmm, who could have seen this coming?!

What is another way to prevent problems? Go to the people in the company that you are working with and ask them to share their pain. Here is an example:

Quite a few years back we were working with a company that sold products to a very large business that could have given them much more if they knew how to crack the code and get in deeper with this large business.

We set up a meeting and asked them to tell us all of their pain and all of the issues they were having. They told us so much we had two sheets of legal paper with pain points! When we were finished I asked them if we took away all of this pain would they give us the business, they said yes. But I had one more question for them…..

I wanted to know if I could meet with their head of shipping. They thought I was nuts because no one ever asks to speak with him. This is precisely why I wanted to speak with him. I asked him the same questions and he gave me another legal sheet worth of pain points. I also asked him if we took away his pain would he help us get more business? He told me that if we fixed these issues he would be our biggest cheerleader inside the company.

To make a long story short, we went from $10,000.00 per month in business to over $1 MILLION per month in 90 days!

I could post hundreds of stories like this here if we had more space but suffice it to say you always want to “Prevent Problems!”

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