Thursday, October 9, 2014

Be Indispensable

Thursday, October 9, 2014 7:07 AM
In this post “Be Indispensable” we will cover ways to be indispensable now and how to be so indispensable that no one would ever think of replacing you.

Now keep in mind that I am not just talking about being indispensable on your job but also with your customers. In this post we will focus on being indispensable with your customers but much of it will also apply on your job as well.

If you have been reading our blog posts you will know that I have written many times that it is “all about them” not about us. What does this mean? You want to always think in terms of what your customer is thinking and what their needs are, not what you are thinking or what your needs are. Please go back and read our other posts as they are important to understand where we are going.

To become indispensable you need to first know what your customers’ needs are. Now when I say “know” I mean “KNOW!” What are their:

  • Pains and fears?
  • What are their needs and goals?
  • What about their personal life?
  • What are their hobbies and what do they do to relax?
  • What about their family life and is there anything they are concerned about in particular?

The list goes on and it is important to know this information. Why? Because if you want to be so indispensable that you will never be replaced this information is important. Let me share with you how we did this with a business we started many years ago and the outcome of being indispensable.

Many years ago we started a janitorial business. Here is what everyone told us when we announced what we were doing:
*        You can’t make any money!
*        You won’t be profitable!
*        There is too much competition!
*        Why are you wasting your time?
*        And the list went on and on.

So what did we do? We mapped our plan and followed it. We made some adjustments along the way but we followed our plan. Our plan was well thought out as we had done our research (there is a key for you).

In developing our plan we had to figure out how we would separate ourselves from everyone else and become indispensable.

Once we were able to get in with a prospect we would always offer to do more than what they were getting for equal or less pay. Now don’t jump up and down, remember the back end money usually is better than the front end money (another key for you).

Once we were in we would do a great job and then offer other services that they were already buying. This is a huge key! Don’t try to sell them what they aren’t buying when you first get in, offer them what they already have but do it better, cheaper, faster, something!

To make long story short, we took over their:
¤        Paper products
¤        Their carpet cleaning
¤        Their hand cleaner
¤        Their vending machines
¤        Their coffee service
¤        And everything else they needed over time.

You see, once we were handling everything (and doing a great job), there was no way that someone coming in on any one of these services, offering a lower price could get us out.

Think of all of the headaches that we saved this company. All of the grief they had with multiple vendors was now removed because it was just one company – us. We were in for life!

What was the financial outcome of all of this?

  • We grew this start-up into a multi-million dollar powerhouse.
  • We built it up to operate in five states within one year!
  • We had 50% margins!
  • We became the most profitable company of its kind in our area!
  • We later gave the company to the employees!

This is why it is so important to put your customer’s needs first. Do what you have to do in order to get close with your customers (make sure it moral, legal, and ethical). The closer you become with them from a business standpoint the harder it is for your competitors to push you out.

Once you find out what their needs are and meet them, you will literally “Be Indispensable!”

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Dean Marchese

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