Thursday, October 16, 2014

Getting Results Part One

Thursday, October 16, 2014 9:23 AM
For all of our hard work and all of the time we put into our jobs, we want results, right? We are now going to focus this post on “Getting Results.”

There isn’t a person alive and in their right mind that doesn’t want positive results from their efforts. From cleaning your home to working on your car to shopping, we all want a desired result. How do we get the desired results in our businesses that help us achieve our goals?

There is a lot to this question so let’s start with the basic items first and we can drill down further in our subsequent posts.

One of the main reasons for not getting the results that many are looking for is they set up the wrong parameters, let me explain:

If you were playing baseball and you were determined to hit a home run, that is a clear goal and objective. Nothing unusual here, you would have to learn the fundamentals of swinging a bat properly, keeping your eye on the ball, making sure the bat is level, your stance is set up right, etc.

But what is not clear is where you are playing your baseball game and how you are going about it. If you are trying to hit a home run but are in the middle of a football field, you are going to be sorely disappointed. Unfortunately this is how many businesses are being run. They can’t figure out why their efforts aren’t working and ultimately conclude that marketing doesn’t work or their salespeople aren’t actually working.

Many times none of this is true.You must be in the right game, on the right field, have the right equipment with the right message, etc.; etc.

In order to get the results we want we must be extremely clear about:

  • What we are after
  • Who we are after
  • Who our prospects are
  • Where we go to locate our prospects
  • What do we know about our prospects
  • What should we know about our prospects
  • So much more…

Many businesses just want to pull the trigger because they need business right now but that is the wrong approach. Many businesses operate under the approach that says – ready, fire, aim which is the wrong way to do this.

There is an old story that clarifies our point that we have shared in the past and will share it again now:

There was a contest many years ago about who could cut down a large tree with an axe the fastest. Would it be a large, heavily muscled lumberjack with years of experience? Or would it be a small, skinny guy without all of the experience and certainly not all of the muscle?

Word went out among the locals and the betting started as to who would win. Most of course bet on the lumberjack with all of his experience and strength. Everyone laughed at the skinny guy and certainly most didn’t bet on him. The date was set and the preparations began.

The morning of the contest was perfect weather, cold, clear and crisp. The crowd began to build and before you knew it there were many, many people from all of the neighboring towns. They were all excited and were shouting and pushing and shoving each other to get to the front so they could see knowing they were about to win a lot of money. Many of them also wanted to laugh and jeer at the skinny guy for being so foolish as to accept this challenge.

The contest began and they were both furiously chopping at their trees. The lumberjack was taking out huge chunks at a time and amazingly so was the skinny guy. All of a sudden the skinny guy walked away and went into a small cabin nearby. The crowds were all laughing knowing he had given up in humiliation.

The lumberjack knew he had to chop the tree down in order to win so he kept going. All of a sudden to everyone’s amazement the skinny guy came out and started chopping again. Both of the men were sweating profusely, working as hard and fast as they could when the skinny walked away again.

He later came out and went back to work. Before everyone’s eyes, to their shock and amazement the skinny guy’s tree fell first and he won the contest! How was this possible, it could not have actually happened?

The lumberjack was more shocked than anyone, surely this was impossible! As the local reporter began to ask the skinny guy how it was possible to beat such a large and powerful man the lumberjack stormed out in anger and humiliation.

When the reporter was able to ask the winner what he was doing when he walked into the cabin when everyone figured he gave up, he replied: “I was sharpening my axe!”

The moral of the story is to sharpen your axe and keep it sharp if you hope to be “Getting Results.”

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