Monday, September 8, 2014

The NFL And You

Monday, September 8, 2014 7:14 AM
What do “You and the NFL” have to do with business? Actually it turns out, quite a bit.

When I was young kid looking forward to the day when I could play high school football, I used to read about all of the greats in the NFL and that included coaches. One of the greatest coaches of all time (maybe the greatest coach), was Vince Lombardi.

When Vince Lombardi took over coaching the Green Bay Packers, they were perennial losers that no one took seriously. When Vince Lombardi took over, they quickly became world champions, what happened? Coach Lombardi went back to basics. He taught them how to block properly, tackle the right way, etc. Everyone believed they were doing it right; after all they were professionals playing at the highest level. The truth is they got into bad habits; bad execution and subsequently, they became losers.

The same thing happens in business. We think because we won a great deal or signed a big contract that we are it, we have this all figured out and get into some bad habits. This is also known as laziness and our ego gets out of control. Before you know it we are in a “slump” and are wondering what happened.

Let’s get back to basics like Vince Lombardi did and see if we can turn your situation around.

The very first thing is to know why you are doing what you are doing. Are you sold out on your product or service? Are you passionate about what you are doing? If the answer is yes, let’s dig in and start the rebuilding process. If the answer is no, you need to begin to figure out what you are passionate about and look there.

Once you know what you are passionate about, find out all you can about your business.

  • What are the key indicators?
  • What is happening in the world pertaining to your business right now?
  • What is happening in the world that will affect your future?
  • How can you improve what is currently offered?
  • How can you make your prospects lives better?
  • What are my prospects trying to achieve?
  • Am I able to help them achieve it?
  • How will you take away your prospects fears and anxieties?
  • How will you take away your prospects fears and anxieties about doing business with you?
  • There are so many questions that you will need to ask and answer for yourself, make sure you go through them all and get the right answers.
  • Do your research!

Now you will need to craft your story.

Ø  Why should your prospects pick you over the other options they have?
Ø  What is unique about you and your organization?
Ø  What is your Unique Selling Proposition or USP? We have written about this extensively so please go back and read these blog posts to get up to speed on all of this.
Ø  How are you better?
Ø  How will you do what you say you will do?
Ø  What is your background?
Ø  Have you answered all of the questions in the bulleted points above?
Ø  Again, tons of questions!

If you want to become world-class and be in the elite group of your peers like the NFL coaches and players, you will need to be the best that you can be. I didn’t say the best in the world, I said the best that you can be and you know what? You can do this if you are committed to it.
Before you know it, you can say that “You and the NFL” have some things in common!

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