Monday, November 24, 2014

Are You Thanksgiving?

Monday, November 24, 2014 8:24 AM
In this holiday season of Thanksgiving, we must ask the question - “Are You Thanksgiving?”

Now it must seem pretty ridiculous to pose this question but please think through what I am really asking. I am not asking if you are thankful (we all should be), or if you celebrate Thanksgiving but what I am really asking is do you give thanks?

This is not a political or religious discussion (we can have that at another time if you wish), this is a business question with enormous repercussions. The way that you respond to this extremely important question will go a long way in determining if you are successful or not.

I know many people that say with their lips they are thankful but declare otherwise with their actions. They say they are customer friendly then run their customers and prospects out the door. They say they are thankful but create what we call “Sales Prevention Departments.”

So where are you in all of this? Think it’s important or do you think I am wasting your time? You had better think again if you think this is a waste of time.

Your customers and prospects want to feel important. They want you to make them feel like there is no other place on earth that will do for them what you will do. Make sure you get this; if you do you will start to rethink everything that you are doing. Everything from before you actually engage with your customers and prospects to the time you are delivering your products and services to getting paid. Think through things like:

  • How does your marketing make them feel?
  • How are they greeted on the phone?
  • How does your staff answer the phone?
  • How do you follow up on customer complaints?
  • How do you handle collections?

All of this is so important it can’t be overemphasized.

I just heard about a politician that died recently. As the news media usually does, they want to tell you all of the good things about the person now that they are dead (think they could do some of it while they are alive?).

The report was about how this politician had people protesting outside of his house early on in his career. You know what he did? He went outside and sat down in the middle of those protesting and started to talk with them. He found out what they were protesting about, discussed the issues with them and shared information that he had that they didn’t. Guess what? Not only did he win, but was reelected over and over again.

How about when you hire a new employee, are you thanksgiving? That seems like a strange question because after all you gave them the job, they owe you right? Maybe. Maybe you are the one that owes them or better yet, how about you owe each other – BOOM, I just blew your mind!!!!!

You can’t do everything yourself. If we could there would never be a need for an employee. Other people allow you to do what you are best at. They allow you to be in the spotlight while they are working behind the scenes. They can handle the shipping and receiving while you are winning more business, etc.

The next time you hire someone why not have balloons at their desk, a cake to welcome them and a genuine party to show how happy you are that they are on your team?! Doing this not only makes them feel extremely welcome and reduces their nervousness, it endears them to you because no one, and I mean no one is doing this!

What a radical idea, showing appreciation for someone, showing them you actually care. Is this different? You bet, and that’s the point!

So in this Thanksgiving season, ask yourself, “Are You Thanksgiving?” Now get to work showing it.


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