Monday, November 3, 2014

This Election

Monday, November 3, 2014 8:24 AM
Once again it is that time of year when people go to the polls and vote for who they believe will do the job that best represents them. In our post “This Election” we want to discuss how much more this term means to you and your future but not quite like you might think.

Rather than discuss why we believe you should vote a certain way or try to discover why you may or may not vote in a certain manner, we want to discuss how people vote regarding your business.

You see while some may be discussing the upcoming election I think you may want to pay attention to how people vote on a daily basis. Yes you read that right how people vote on a daily basis.

You see, people vote all the time even though they or you may not see it that way. How? By:

  • Choosing which store to go and spend their money
  • Picking a restaurant to eat their lunch
  • Which site online to check out
  • Which bookstore to browse for their favorite book
  • Where will they buy their next set of tires for their car
  • Everything else that you may or may not imagine

You see people are voting many times, every single day with their wallets. The question is, are they voting for you?

One of our clients sells to a certain group of customers and prospects. They were telling me recently their business slowed down. I asked them why they thought this was happening and they said because this particular group was having cutbacks and was not buying as much.
When I pointed out the size of this group’s budget our client was stunned. You see their budget not only had not gone down, it actually increased. Of course this begs the question, why are they not buying from you?

After digging into this further, here is what we found:

*        No one was following up with their customers
*        The customers didn’t even remember they had purchased from them
*        The customers didn’t think this company wanted to sell to them anymore
*        The customers were confused about what this company does
*        Too many more to list

You see even though we may not want to look at things this way, customers are voting every day; are they voting for you? We must now ask; what are you doing for them?

Are you making them feel special? Are they getting a great experience when they deal with you? Do they want to tell their friends? Are you capturing their information so you can stay in touch with them?

Start thinking in these terms and “This Election” will be the one where you will win in a landslide!

If you want help making your business the place that people vote for and are lining up to do business with you, please feel free to contact us right away and reach your goals faster than you ever imagined!


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