Thursday, November 6, 2014

What's Holding Me Back?

Thursday, November 6, 2014 8:14 AM
So you know that you should be or at least could be in a better place in your life so you have to ask yourself “What’s Holding Me Back?”

It is extremely important to remove all the obstacles that you can from your path that may be holding you back. However, having said this please keep in mind that you will always have something that is trying to block your path or at least it will seem this way.

Usually, the biggest obstacle is our own thinking. Once we believe a certain way or certain things, it is difficult to change these things but it can be done. 
An example of this is how science believes that we begin mapping certain things in our mind when you are very young-from math and music to languages.

This is how we are able to formulate our words and learn our language. We also know that because of this it is easier for a person to be able to learn several languages when we are very young compared to when we get older.

I am not sure about how we learn languages or how the brain works as I am not a scientist nor am I a doctor. However, I do know that so many of us allow things from our past to hold us back and/or make us feel badly about ourselves.

I also know that most of us have something called a memory. Sometimes our memories are wonderful and sometimes they are not. Even if they are not there is something great about this.

If our memories are negative, we can change it. Just like in our computers, we can reprogram our memories to reset them and help us get through some of the painful thoughts from our past.

Not only can we get past the painful thoughts of our past, we can also use our abilities to reprogram our memories so we don’t allow ourselves to be held back. We hold the keys to our own success – this is great news! 

You have a choice to make in your life: Will you allow your past to determine your future or will you take charge over your circumstances and create the life that you want now?

Did you know:

George Washington was the only one of our Founding Fathers that did not have a college education? John Adams went to Harvard, James Madison to Princeton, and Alexander Hamilton to Columbia, making Washington self-conscious about what he called his "defective education."

He always felt bad about it but never allowed it to hold him back. In fact, he went on to become one of the greatest men in our history!

Don’t allow your past to rob you of your future. Ask yourself “What’s Holding Me Back?” Deal with it and become the great success you were created to be!

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