Thursday, January 8, 2015

Win Or Go Home- Part One

Thursday, January 8, 2015 7:14 AM
I know that most of us will never play in the NFL in America or play for a major league soccer or sports team around the world. Currently in the NFL the season is winding down and it is now all about the playoffs or put another way “Win or go Home.”

If you are in business you need to know that you are always in the playoffs because every day in business it is “Win or go Home.”

So the question now is; are you preparing? Are you in the big leagues (no matter how small you may be)? You see you have to be in shape; you have to know the fundamentals. You must be able to block, pass, tackle, etc. Of course these are all metaphors for the things that you have to do in business to make sure that you win and don’t go home.

In order to win the big game you have to actually play, you have to be in the running otherwise you are relegated to the sidelines and not even an honorable mention or worse, not even a distraction.

So how do you get into the game? How do you make sure that you are someone that is always in the running and getting asked to participate?

First, clearly and I mean clearly, define your market (for more on this see our other posts). Next you have to make sure you are offering your customers and prospects something of high value. If you sell commodity items then you have to figure out how to differentiate yourself from everyone else.

If you are struggling to figure this out, never forget that customer service is where you can easily set yourself apart. In order to set yourself apart you first have to know that you are ready and have your business in order for the increase in business that you will get if you do things right.

Whatever industry you are in, always make sure that you have the basics covered. Don’t kid yourself, most businesses do NOT have the basics down. They do not have the processes in place to run the company the way it should be run efficiently. I suggest that you begin with making sure that you have your processes down. What processes? How about your processes for:

  • Handling incoming phone calls?
  • Routing the calls to where they need to go to handle any situation quickly?
  • Setting up your marketing?
  • Running sales leads?
  • Collecting the money?
  • Tracking your costs?
  • Follow up, etc.?

I suggest you start with going through all of the areas of your business and making sure you have all of these processes down first.

In “Win or go Home” Part 2 we will dig into setting yourself apart and make sure you win!


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