Monday, January 12, 2015

Win Or Go Home - Part Two

Monday, January 12, 2015 8:44 AM
 In “Win or go Home” Part One we began to dig into covering all of your bases and get your processes put together in order to get ready for success. That may seem a little strange that we need to get ready for success but that is what you must do to win. Remember that you will only get one chance to make a first impression.

Speaking of first impressions, I am going to digress a little here before we dive in to part two of our post. Since you only have one chance to make that all important first impression, make sure you get all that you can out of it. I am specifically speaking about the way you look.

The world does not have enough paper nor do I have enough time in this life to share with you how many times I have watched people get huge opportunities and blow it because of their look. People have told me it doesn’t matter how they look or if their clothes are neatly pressed.

I have had others tell me it is their right to not shower or that they should be allowed to use foul language. That might be their right but remember it is the right of the Buyer to buy from someone else. You get the point (I hope).

You have to decide that you are either going to be in business to solve problems for others or you are going to try and prove that you are right and no one is going to tell you what to do. I am pretty sure that if you choose the latter you either won’t be around long or you will have a much harder time than you need to have, but either way, it is your choice.

Now the real reason for Part two of “Win or go Home” is to put yourself in a position to win the business that you are going after.

Let’s discuss some of the things winners do that losers don’t. Things like:

  • Putting your customers first in ALL areas
  • Finding out what the customers think of you (we will discuss this point in another post)
  • Discovering the real pain your customers have and find a way to solve it
  • Follow up to make sure they received your proposal
  • Follow up to make sure they received your letters and correspondence
  • Learn about them personally, their likes and dislikes
  • Send them info about their likes on a regular basis (without discussing business)
  • Teach all of your staff the proper way to answer the phone
  • Teach your staff the proper way to deal with complaints

By doing these things and making them and many others part of your regular routine, you will automatically set yourself apart from your competition. Keep in mind; most companies are not doing any of this. If you do these things you will look like a hero to your customers and prospects. This will help you move much closer to them, in their business and in their minds. Moving closer to them should be one of your goals. The closer you are to them the tougher it is for your competition to move in and push you out.

Please do NOT underestimate the power of all of the customer service items that you can do to make yourself look so much better than anyone else in your space.

Smart companies, both large and small use these techniques and shine while others can’t figure out what happened. When you truly put others interests ahead of your own you will see how much better you will do. Will there be some that take advantage of you? Of course! But after more than 35 years of doing this the number is so small I can’t remember them so don’t worry about that part. Be concerned with being the best that you can be and you will have more business than you ever imagined. In this world of “Win or go Home” these techniques and others will make sure you are headed to the top!


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Dean Marchese

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