Thursday, July 16, 2015

Add Salt

Thursday, July 16, 2015 9:00 AM
Recently I posted that I would dig deeper into how to motivate people to take action and here I am now telling you to “Add Salt” so what’s going on?

Actually these two items are related. Currently there are hundreds or thousands of courses on marketing at colleges and universities around the world. There are countless books about marketing, philosophical debates, articles written all over the world about the psychology of marketing (are you yawning yet and want to take a nap?), and on and on.

The truth is it is much easier than all of that. Think about what drives a person to do anything and you will have your answer. In fact, I have been told that if anyone can come up with the answer to this question they would be financially set for life, a guru, etc.

While all of this sounds great I really don’t believe it. What, disagree with all of those braniac’s in all of the most prestigious schools? Yes, exactly. While it may keep them employed (you pay their bill through your kids tuition), it doesn’t have to be that hard.

How do I know? Great question and so glad you asked! Now ask yourself and you will instantly get the answer – what drives you? When you answer this question you will also find out what drives me, my neighbor, your teacher, your siblings and your friends. You may not get everything because we are all slightly different but we are also somewhat the same. Don’t believe me?

When you are thirsty do you get a drink? When you are hungry do you get something to eat? When you need money do you get a job or come up with a way to earn more money? The list goes on in every area of our lives. The real question is how do I motivate someone to buy from me? Ahhh, now we are getting to the root of the issue.

You must learn how to make the potential customer want your information, product or service more than they want the other persons. How do you do this?
First you need to find out a few things such as:

  • What drives a person to want or need the products and or services you provide?
  • Can they take care of their needs themselves?
  • What is causing them to seek help?
  • Can you provide the products or services they need?
  • Can you provide these products or services better than your competition?
  • How will you do this?

Once you start with the right questions you will get the right answers. Once you have the right answers you can craft your message around their needs or in other words “Add Salt” to your marketing.

You will have to make them thirsty for your offerings. Make your products, services and customer service so great they would never think of going to anyone else. Make sure your pricing is either in line with everyone if you are just starting out or you are slightly lower. You will need to get your foot in the door in order to show how great you are.

Once you are in you can wow them with your awesome service. For more information on how to do this, read our other blog posts and check back for more information as we make it available. But never forget that in all you do “Add Salt.”

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