Monday, July 13, 2015

Food On A Flight

Monday, July 13, 2015 6:47 AM
I said in my last post that we would look into how to get people to take action and here I am talking about “Food On A Flight” so what gives?

Recently I was traveling and I happened to turn the radio on and heard someone say there was a discussion because someone had written an article about how all of us should stop whining (I am paraphrasing), and get a good meal before you get on the plane and not worry about whether the airline was going to serve you a meal.

This started me thinking about how this applied to our businesses. Now you may be thinking I am way off track but hang in there. You see I have been posting a lot lately about money and this is going to stay on subject because the person that was discussing this on the radio didn’t realize how much more there actually is to what they were talking about.

Personally I don’t care if you eat before, during or after your flight, that is totally your business. However, how about looking at this from a different vantage point? Let’s dig a little deeper and see what is really going on and see how it applies to your business and the business of making money.

Many times when we need to fly somewhere we make all of our arrangements such as, itineraries, meetings, hotels, etc. But we don’t think about the in-flight meal. We assume it is available and we don’t include it in our plans. If we took a few minutes to think about it we would plan for it, ask about it and make sure there was no miscommunication regarding whether we will get a meal or not (think about what I just wrote the next time you are speaking with your vendor’s, your customers, your employees, etc.).

If we are going to get a meal we make up our schedule based on the fact that we don’t need extra time at the airport for a meal. We can just get there, go through security, board the plane and enjoy the meal.

However, if we aren’t going to get the meal we will have to plan ahead, leave enough time to eat at home, go to a restaurant or find something to eat at the airport. What does this have to do with making money and growing our business? Everything!

If we took the time to think through all of the details in our business (just like we do regarding the meal), all of the processes we currently go through or need to go through, we could either save time, become more efficient or at the very least see where we are lacking.

Better yet, why not take the time to think through all of the details in our customers’ business, all of the processes they have to go through and figure out ways that we could save them time, help them with their processes, their problems and issues, their pain, etc.?

Once we come up with all of this (and yes it does take time and planning), we can literally own the relationship with our customers and lock out our competition and never worry about our lower priced competitor ever again. Now that is worth the time to do all of this!

The next time you are going to book a flight, make a reservation or cook a meal, think about all that has to go into the planning of the meal in order to attain the level of satisfaction from that meal that you want. All of this from “Food On A Flight.”

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