Thursday, August 20, 2015

How To Get The Word Out For Free

Thursday, August 20, 2015 8:26 AM
We keep getting asked how someone can get the word out about their company locally. Of course the next statement is “but I don’t have any money.” So this post is all about “How To Get The Word Out For Free.”

We see so many small businesses facing ruin because they spent their money on ads in their local papers but didn’t get a return. They burned through their cash and are facing disaster, is it the newspapers fault? No, it is a fundamental misunderstanding of how things work.

I know I stated this before but it is worth stating it again and again: Your blood is vital to your life, bleed too much and you die. Likewise, your cash is the blood of your business, spend too much and your business dies – don’t forget this!

Why didn’t the newspaper ads work? It could have been a lot of things, maybe the way they were written or the day(s) they ran, or maybe it was the wrong paper. I had this happen once many, many years ago. I ran an ad in a paper in New York for something we were doing but nothing, not a single call!

After sweating it out as to how I was going to figure this out I received one call, one call that changed everything!

A very nice lady told me we were running our ad in the wrong paper, the paper where I ran the ad was a huge paper but for what we were advertising we had the wrong audience. This sent me on a journey to figure this out; thankfully we did.

What happened in the end? We changed the paper we were advertising in, ran the same ad and were literally amazed at how much business we received and the calls came in 24/7!

What does all of this have to do with you? Let’s look at what is going on when you run an ad. Let’s say the paper that you are advertising in has a certain circulation each day. You run your ad and wait for the phone to ring, but nothing happens. What is actually happening is that you are limiting your reach.

You see your ad is for a certain person with a particular need. That automatically reduces the audience that you have. Now, you are running the ad on a certain day which reduces your audience further. This keeps happening until you get down to a few people that saw your ad and have a need for your product or service at that exact moment – pretty slim pickings!

How do you change this? First off, start cultivating a friendship with your local papers reporters. They are like everyone else, they need stories all of the time. They are under pressure to have something on a regular basis and this is where you come in.

Rather than pay for an ad that may do okay at best, why not call the paper and let them know about something that is happening at your business that will be newsworthy? Things like:

  • A new contract
  • New employees
  • A new location
  • Something unusual
  • How you saved the government xyz
  • How your company and your employees are raising food for the local shelter
  • How your company and your employees are raising funds for a certain cause
  • A donation you are making to a particular charity

The list can literally go on and on and it should. As you come up with these things, make sure you keep a list so that you are constantly in the news. Only give the paper one or two things (if they are related, if not save them for another article), at a time. You want to drip feed the information to them so that you are always doing something to be written about in the paper.

Now when people read the paper you don’t have to hope they see your ad, they will see the article (with pictures), and it will keep you in the forefront of their mind as you will be able to explain what you do and why you are doing the particular thing in the article. This is “How To Get The Word Out For Free” and build your business at the same time!

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