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Why the Stock Market Is Irrelevant (Or Should Be)!

Thursday, August 27, 2015 7:00 AM

Why the Stock Market Is Irrelevant (Or Should Be)!

I know I am going to have people out there howling over this title but before you do, please read this post as I hope you will understand what I mean when I say “Why the Stock Market Is Irrelevant (Or Should Be).”

Our Hopes and Dreams:

So many people buy stocks and hope they are going to go up in value and hopefully will help fund their retirement or if possible make them rich and they can retire. All noble dreams of course but not really practical for most of us.

Recently the stock market has been going through some wild swings. Up one day, down the next with some of these breaking records. I hope you all have a good supply of antacids within reach for this ride!

Now in full disclosure I used to own a lot of stock, real estate, etc. I did very well in both until I realized what I was actually doing (more on this later in this post). I am not opposed to the stock market and am not telling anyone to sell their shares and run for the hills. However, I am telling you to rethink what you are doing, especially if you are a business owner [and yes, for all of you salespeople out there, this pertains to you too as you control what you bring in. If your income is capped by your employer I suggest that you have a conversation with your employer and that you may want to look around].

That last comment that I made about speaking with your employer wasn’t a shot at your employer. In fact, if any of you do cap the income of your salespeople, please contact me as I can show you how to set up your commission and bonus structure so there is no cap and your company still makes far more than you could ever have imagined.

Many of us work very hard at our jobs, businesses, chosen profession, etc. We take some of what we worked so hard to earn and give it to a broker and hope they know what they are doing and hope that we get our money plus a return. At the very least we hope they will preserve our capital so we can live to fight another day.

Unfortunately hope is not a strategy and the broker doesn’t have all that much control over what happens to our investment. They also are not on the hook (for the most part), to return your funds if they are lost. Think about that for a minute and if it really sinks in you should start shaking in your shoes!

What if you ran your business like this? What if your customers bought your products and services and they didn’t work out and you said sorry, that’s the way it goes, there would be outrage, pandemonium and rioting in the streets. The news teams would be all over you and the government would have every agency they could think of breathing down your neck!
Again, I am not against the stock market, stick with me here and you will hopefully get some food for thought.

Many of us “invest” in the stock market but I use that term loosely because most of us don’t really invest. We may take a chance (also called gambling), we may go on a hunch (more gambling), in hopes of a return. How much is that return 10%, 20% 40% or maybe a whopping 100% (which I seriously doubt the majority of investors are making this kind of a return)? All of this based on gambling away our hard earned money, all based on a hope that we will get more money.

Your Business:

How about if we take a look at your business? You have been working hard maybe doing well maybe not so well. You want so much to break out of the constraints that are in you because you know deep down there is a better life waiting for you out there somewhere. After all, isn’t that the reason that you started your business in the first place? If you are in sales weren’t you told that there is no limit on your earning potential so you jumped in with both feet?

Now where are you? Did it all turn out the way that you had planned and hoped? Maybe, maybe not. So you take a chance based on a hunch that maybe this time you can buy that stock and watch it soar and head to the beach and retire.

Unfortunately that rarely happens (yes it does happen but the odds are stacked against it from happening on a regular basis). Why not do something where the odds are stacked in your favor rather than against you?

Once you learn about how to market and who to market to, once you learn how to really sell and you invest the knowledge that you have learned into your business the right way, you can really soar!
Returns of 100% will become the norm and returns of 1000% are actually common.

The great thing about this is that you kept all of your money. You are in total control of how much you invest, you can preserve your capital and you don’t have to go on a hunch, or go on the word of your unemployed broke Uncle that is telling you to invest in a Yugo factory (if you don’t what a Yugo factory is, email me at  and I will go into it).

Now what about what I said earlier that I would go into more of this later? I was talking about the risk that you are taking for the return that you may or may not get.

At one point I owned a lot of property and thought everything was okay. We were doing well, cash flow was rolling and the property values were going up. So what’s wrong with this you might ask?

Actually nothing, until you look at the risk and reward scenario.
If I have a million dollar mortgage and I have good tenants all seems well. But think about this, I am putting my future on the line for well over a million dollars of debt because of the interest, the time value of money, lost possibilities, etc. Worrying that my tenants might move out, the economy, etc.

If I invest my time, knowledge and money into my business where I can change the outcome of things with just a little knowledge and a tiny investment in a mentor, everything changes. No worries about tenants, no worries about the mortgage payment, no worries over the economy tanking, the government intervening and all of a sudden what I had is now worthless because of something out of my control.

Note: If you used a mentor in the past and it didn’t work out, find another one. You don’t stop eating because you had a bad meal do you?

You are happy because you are helping people with your products and services. You are happy because you are not carrying all of that debt. You are happy because well, because you are happy!

What a concept, you can be happy just because you can be happy! If you are helping to better someone’s life and have no debt over you that is a great situation! You would be free of the financial grid and not have to rely on an arbitrary credit score nor have your value and self-worth determined by a computers calculations because 30 years ago you owed someone $7.00 (that really happened to me yet I never knew about the $7.00. They were so petty they actually sent a $7.00 bill into the credit reporting agencies rather than just tell me I owed the $7.00, who does that)!

Once more, I am not against the stock market or real estate. I am just trying to point out that you should give more credence to the things that are within your control rather than mess around with the things that are outside of your control.

Hope my point was made and you understand that everything you want is within your reach. We all have to take risks but they need to be calculated risks based on wisdom without having to bet the farm to do so.

In “Why the Stock Market Is Irrelevant (Or Should Be)” I wanted to make the point that investing in your own business is far and away less risky with much larger returns than anything you can get just about anywhere else. Build your business for the best returns available anywhere.
I hope this helps you grow your business and I am happy to help you any way I can.

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