Friday, August 7, 2015

Your Family Values

Friday, August 7, 2015 9:08 AM

Why would I write a post on “Your Family Values” where we routinely talk about building your business and making money? Because building your business and your family values are tightly intertwined in more ways than you may realize.

To be clear, I am not a psychologist nor am I someone that has been trained in family counseling, etc. However, I am someone that has built many businesses and turned around many others and know the value that family value has in the workplace.

Before you go poo-pooing this post I would suggest that you put aside your automatic negative reaction to what I am going to write about because it can make you money and lots of it. It can also reduce your headaches and make your life a lot easier!

The reason for this post and why your family values matter is because most of us will always go to what is familiar and what is comfortable. Now keep in mind that comfortable doesn’t mean that something is good it just means that because it is a well-known option many people will migrate back to what they know; even if it hurts them.

When building your business you need to fight the urge to hire people that are like you. You need people that have a different perspective, a different paradigm, and a way to look at things that you may have missed. But you shouldn’t hire people just because they are different. Keep in mind that you will most likely be around these people more than your own family (more on this subject at another time). You will need to get along with these people or life will quickly become difficult at best.

If your family values growing up weren’t too strong, you may tend to do things in a way that could ultimately destroy your business or at the very least make it a difficult place to work. If chaos is normal to you keep in mind that you may be making it much more difficult to build your business than it has to be.

If you can be honest with yourself and see that things may not have been great growing up and you need to get help to change your thinking, you will be way ahead of your competition in this regard. Also, if you are wise you can use the fact that you grew up in difficult circumstances to push you to build a great company and take care of those around you and those that are going through a tough time.

On the other side of this if you grew up in a very warm and caring family, you may tend to try to hire people that will be that way at work, which is wonderful but you need to keep a limit on this as well. The world is a rough and tumble place so you will need to make sure that you can handle the intensity of business and not get overly emotional when things don’t go exactly as planned.

When looking to build your team, make a list of the attributes that you believe your company will need but also and this is a big one, make a list of the attributes that your customers and prospects will find valuable. After all, this is all about them and not about us.

If you are trying to build a cohesive and close-knit team, ask yourself if you would allow your children to be around or alone with the person that you are thinking about hiring. If the answer is yes, keep going with the interview process. If the answer is no, end it and move on.

Once you have your team in place based on the set of criteria that you listed, you should be able to get to work and reach your goals much faster as everyone is paddling in the same direction. Bear in mind that you may still have issues because there are people involved and things happen. However, because most of you are like-minded, the problems will generally be less than if you hired anyone to fill the spot.

How do you turn all of this into increased income? Glad you asked!
Let your customers know how your company has been built, what values you possess and most importantly how knowing this helps them (your customers reach their goals).

It could be your customer service, or your return policy. It could be how you go the extra mile (define this for them), what you offer with every sale, etc. The list can keep going but you need to quantify it. Don’t just say you do quality work, what does it mean for them, break it down so they know exactly how you are different and why.

The true you, the real person that cares about them will come out and “Your Family Values” will have you whistling a very happy tune!

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