Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Autopsy of a Sales Call, Part Two

Tuesday, January 3, 2017 7:46 AM
In our post Autopsy of a Sales Call part one, we saw that Bob had finally made his most important sales presentation ever. He is now ready for some much needed R&R and can’t
wait to hit the beach.

Just One Thing:
There is just one thing, and that is…….

Bob has just one last thing to do before he can head out to his dream vacation and that is to pick up his check at his office, accept the congratulations that are owed to him and head out the door.

He heads over to his office with the biggest smile anyone has ever seen and heads straight to the
accounting office to get his check. He hurries in to see Joan, the head of accounting and asks for his check and his pat on the back. Joan says he needs to go upstairs to see his boss Ron. Bob asks if anything is wrong but Joan just says “you need to head upstairs now.”

"All of the hard work, all of the frustration, the years of sacrifice, why can’t they just give me my
check and leave me alone?" Bob is thinking as he runs up the steps to Ron’s office.

Bob knocks on the door and is told by Ron to come in and is told to sit down. Bob wants to know why Ron’s face is so sullen after such a giant sale. Because, Ron explains, they didn’t get the sale, their competitor did.

Bob is shocked and blurts out “No, no, no that is impossible! They told me to my face that I got it, they said it was a done deal, this can’t be!”

But it can be and it is. Bob lost the biggest sale of his life, good-bye vacation, toes in the sand,
fun in the sun and so on. Completely dejected, Bob heads over to his office and calls the customer and asks them what happened. 

What he hears is not only shocking but downright infuriating. His competitor had a higher price, longer delivery time and poor terms, how is it possible they could have won this? After all, Bob had everything that anyone would need; better price, better delivery, better terms, etc.

However, what their competition had with the customer that Bob did not was a relationship. They had a relationship that went back quite some time. They had a relationship that was tested over time. When things got really bad for the customer the competition was there for them.

The competition also stayed in touch with the customer on a regular basis. They sent them news articles for their industry. They also knew what the Buyer’s liked on a personal level. From golf to vacations. From their favorite foods to their favorite sports teams. They also knew this information about their family members as well. Bob had none of this.

Bob did have a great product and service but it wasn’t so much greater that it could overcome all of the things that his competitor had. He was devastated, what does he do now? How could he turn this around to be sure he wins in the future and how does he keep from losing his job?

Write and let me know what you think Bob could do now to make sure he never gets in this spot again and you might win some FREE gifts.

In our next post Autopsy of a Sales Call Part Three, we will dig into not only what Bob can do to never be in this position again, but what you can do immediately to turn these types of situations around and make sure that you win every time.

Until my next post, I wish you all success!

Dean Marchese
The Dean of Success!©

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