Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Autopsy of a Sales Call, Part Three

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 8:35 AM
In our post Autopsy of a Sales Call part two, we saw that Bob not only lost the sale but was completely blown away as to the reasons why. He had a lower price, better terms, and more but still lost the sale – why? It turned out that Bob didn’t have a relationship with the Buyer. He knew them but he didn’t really know them.

This Happened to Me!

Has this happened to you? I bet it has happened more times than most will admit. The problem is that most won’t dig in to find out how to change this. It’s hard work, which in itself will drive most people to quit. But that is good news for you if you are persistent and will stick with things.

So how do you go about building a relationship with someone you barely know? How can you reach out to someone without it feeling creepy or insincere?

Pay attention because by doing what I am sharing and doing it right, you will never be in the same position as Bob in our story.

What Do I Do?

First, let’s say you cannot get an appointment with the person you are trying to reach. You know they are the right contact and have the ability to make decisions. You know they are in the market for your offerings and they are growing, all good signs for you. Now you need to figure out a way to get their attention.

Lots of people will mess up right here. They try to get cute, they try to do humorous things (which can certainly be effective and I have done many of them but that is for another post). These people you are reaching out to may or may not have a sense of humor so don’t take any chances. You want to go straight for what is important to them and that is fixing their problems.

Get to Work!

What does your product or service do that fixes the issues that your prospect is facing in their industry? I don’t mean that you can save them a dollar or two but what is your big, massive, game changing proposition that will absolutely spin their head to consider you?

Don’t have one? You better get one and get one fast! Sit down with the top executives in your company and hammer this out. If you are the top person in your business, get with those you trust and get to work figuring it out. Are you a one person show? Do your research and find out what the biggest items are that keep your prospects up at night. Do you have solutions for them that are crystal clear? If so make these what you center your sales and presentations around and do it now!

Personalize Your Facts:

Once you have this information and you’ve built your presentation around it and created great looking marketing to grab them, you can now start your process.

What is that process? You mail them some information that starts with clearly and painfully laying out the issues their industry is having. You show them how much it is costing them in time, money, aggravation, potential lawsuits (if this is real, don’t make anything up), etc.

Once you mail them the information you wait a few days and follow up with a phone call. On the call you are NOT asking for any business, you just want to know if they received your information.

Voice Mail:

If you don’t get through and have to leave a voicemail, you let them know you mailed the information and then take about 15 seconds and let them know that you helped ABC company save $xxx.xx using your product and/or services. As soon as you finish leaving the voicemail, write them a letter letting them know you tried to reach them and put more proof of how great your products and services are by demonstrating in the letter more companies that you save a ton of money or time, etc., whatever it is. Don’t brag; just state what you did and how you can help them as well.

Be Ready:

If you do get through to them, let them know that you sent them some information and briefly (very briefly), describe what the information is about. They may say they don’t remember it, that is okay, let them know that you will resend it to them. They may remember seeing it and want to know more. If so, set an appointment if possible and go and see them. If not, they may want to talk on the phone. Make sure you make your letter, your calls, your visits all about them and not about you!

This will start you down the road to building very close relationships with those you need to have a relationship with to help you outsell your competition and build life-long relationships and friendships as well.

In our next post Autopsy of a Sales Call Part Four, we will go a little further into what you can do to really ramp this up.

Until my next post, I wish you all success!

Dean Marchese
The Dean of Success!©

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