Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Do You Know Your Why?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 7:57 AM
I know, “Do You Know Your Why” is a bizarre question but it is extremely important.

The Power Is In The Question

Many of us are asking the question of what business should I go into, did I start the right business, will I ever reach my goals and more. These are all valid and important questions but there is a bigger question that you must start with in order to get this right.

The Bigger Picture

There is a much bigger picture to all of this then just going through the motions every day. You need to know your why. Why are you doing what you do? Is it for your family, for yourself or others?

Maybe you are driven to help those less fortunate or you just want a better life and nicer things. Whatever the answer is, it must be the answer that drives you and no one else. If you are doing something because someone else talked you into it or put a guilt trip on you, you will never truly reach your potential.

Your “Why” is the thing that will drive you to succeed. It will drive you to get through all of the tough stuff that you will face in business and in life. There will be days that you are down and don’t want to go on. There will be times that you will question everything that you are doing.

Whenever this happens, go to your “Why” and it will refresh you and recharge you.

Visual Motivation

Once you figure out your “Why” make a picture of it, draw it or get a photograph or write it down and keep it handy because you will need it. When things aren’t going as planned you can get your visual motivation and take a look at it and it will push you to get going again. It will help to lift you up and keep you focused.

Connect The Dots

Now that you have your “Why” and you have your visual motivation, connect the dots. When you reach your goal what happens? How does it affect your “Why?” Does it make someone’s life better? Does it make your life better? Does it affect more than just you?

Your “Why” will become the most powerful motivator you have. When you see how much you can positively affect those around you or how much you can change the world around you, you will barely be able to sleep. Nothing can stand in your way or keep you from reaching your goals.

Take some time today to answer the question “Do You Know Your Why?” Your entire future may depend upon it.

In our next post we will get to the “How” you can do what you want to do.

Until my next post, I wish you all success!

Dean Marchese
The Dean of Success!©

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