Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How To Find Your Top Prospects

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 7:58 AM
In our posts Autopsy of a Sales Call Parts One - Four, we saw that Bob started to change what he was doing and get back on the road to success rather than languish in a sea of doubt and self-pity.

Now we are going to dive in and see what Bob has come up with in order to become a superstar. Bob may have saved his job but he needed to come up with something that would put him over the top and solidify his future. He needed a plan and he needed one fast.

The Lightbulb

Bob realized there is a way to make sure he is always going after the businesses that are the perfect match for what he offers the market he serves.

If Bob was in the running for the large order that he lost and that we wrote about in our prior blog posts then he should be able to identify all of the businesses in his area that need the same thing.

The Data

He could look into everything that he can about the company that he was calling on that was a perfect fit for him. He could find out their annual revenue, number of employees, what they do, where they offer their products and services, who they partnered with, how they sold their products and services and more.

He could also find out the issues that industry is having and how he can help them resolve their issues with what he has to offer. Once he locates the point of their pain he can offer a solution to help them get better at what they do – just like your doctor helps you.

The Plan

Bob gathered all of the information that he could find on the company and their industry and began to form a plan as to how he could help them overcome their issues with his help.

He also knew that he could match up other businesses that fit the profile of this company and go after all of them. He no longer had to wonder if he was spinning his wheels and wasting time with prospects that may or may not need what he has to offer.


With Bob’s new information he can focus his time and energy getting to know those that are an exact match for his offerings. He knew that all of his time is now being invested in the companies that he can help remove their pain and obstacles and they can help him reach his goals – it’s a win/win.


We need to understand that activity does not equal accomplishment. Because you are running all of the country trying to meet people doesn’t mean that you are going to sell anything. When you have the right message to the right people, things will begin to go in your favor.

Once you know exactly what you offer and the value it brings to the marketplace and you do your homework you will be unstoppable. You will feel much better about what you do, how you do it, your job security and more. Sales can be a very hard job or it can be a very rewarding career – the choice is ours.

Until my next post, I wish you all success!

Dean Marchese
The Dean of Success!©

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