Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Are You Into Pain?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 6:14 AM
Asking “Are You Into Pain?” is a bizarre question to be asking on a blog about business, or is it?

Now before you start sending me hate mail (or worse yet, fan mail about this subject!); let’s scratch a little deeper (OK, I couldn't help myself but that was an easy one)! Why would I ask you if you are into pain?

We work with many individuals that own or run different companies in many different industries and it is amazing to me to watch what we as people do. We say we want to be successful but we do the things that will undermine our success and destroy us; the very thing we say we are trying to avoid but seem compelled to go towards. Why?

I certainly can’t answer all of the psychological reasons as I am neither a psychiatrist nor a psychologist but I am a student of human nature to a degree and give my thoughts and opinions based on years of evaluations. One of the reasons this happens is that many of us are focused on what we don’t want rather than what we do want. This is not the way you want to go.

Let’s look at a very basic way to make this point that I believe most if not all will understand. If you have ever gone out and purchased a car or a particular piece of clothing or something like this because you needed it or just really wanted it. Before we purchased it we never really noticed them before. But notice that after you purchased this item you now see them everywhere?

This is because your brain is helping you to notice them in order to let you know that purchasing this item was a good thing to do because look at all of the other people that made the same purchase. You are now somewhat assured that you did the right thing.

This same thing happens in other areas like business. If you think about failure, loss and lack most of the time, you will subconsciously drive yourself to fail. I know it seems silly but your subconscious mind can’t accept or reject anything as real or not, it works with what it is given.

If you want to be successful, think about being successful most of the time. One of the best takes on teaching on this I ever heard goes like this: “If you want the dog, don’t call the cat!” In other words say what you want, think about what you want and stay away from anything else.

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Now the next time this question arises; “Are You Into Pain?” you will know the answer is no and you now know how to start getting out of it.

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Dean Marchese

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