Friday, June 27, 2014

Dean Martin and You

Friday, June 27, 2014 12:39 PM
Dean Martin and You, seriously?! I know that you may think this is a strange title or an even stranger connection; but before you jump to another great article on our blog here at Empower Media, give it a chance. You may learn some really interesting information from this post that you can use right now, it may even save your business.
Dino Paul Crocetti or Dean Martin to you and me was born in a tough town in Ohio and lived a tough life before becoming famous. He had to deal with bullies beating him up and stealing his lunch on a daily basis. He tried everything he could to get them to leave him alone but none of it worked.

After a while he learned how to box and was able to defend himself through fighting back. However, his biggest breakthrough came from using humor to get his enemies to laugh and leave him alone. Obviously this would pay off later in life in a huge way. Of course, all of this was before he realized he had an amazing singing voice that would help launch his career and he would become one of the most famous people in our time.

What does this have to do with you? Great question and we’re glad you asked (yes, we heard you asking that question in your head, we are reading your mind at this moment)! It has everything to do with you and here is how:

Are you aware of your surroundings and are you adapting to make sure that you are relevant to your customers and their needs? You see Dean Martin quickly became aware of his surroundings and had to figure out a way to make his outcome positive rather than negative. All of us must do the same.

If you stick to the notion that “my way is the only way” or “this is how we do it” or “if you don’t like it you can leave” mentality, well you may be the one leaving; or in the case of business, going out of business.

I am not suggesting that you give up your principals, your morals or the convictions of your heart but I am saying that you will need to be flexible. Figure out ways to work around the obstacles in your path. If you are not making sales, find out why. What is the best way – ask your former customers, your lost prospects, etc. They will be happy to tell you.

You will ALWAYS encounter obstacles in your life, ALWAYS so get used to it, it’s part of the game we call life. When you go on a trip you don’t wait for all of the traffic lights to turn green before you go do you? You don’t wait until all of the potholes are filled in (Lord knows you will never leave!), do you? Of course not!

You decide you are going, you make sure you have everything like money, directions, your auto is in good shape, etc., and you go. You may run into bad weather, you may have traffic issues, etc. but you keep going because you are determined to get there.

That is the key, be determined to get there and be flexible enough to take a side road if necessary. You may have to change the road you are on but not the direction of your trip. If you want to go South in the winter to find warmer weather and then get going!

The same is true in our business life. You are going to hit obstacles, and you will encounter bullies, you just need to be flexible enough to work around the issues. Ask for help, get guidance, there is nothing wrong with asking, it shows wisdom.

How could I say that it shows wisdom? We all have only so much time in life to accomplish all that we want to do. Do you want to reach your goals or do you want to drive around wasting the precious time we have so no one thinks we need help? How absurd is this?!

Now stop wasting time, get focused, stay flexible and who knows, you may be on the big stage one day.

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