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Monday, June 30, 2014 9:52 AM
I know volumes have been written about motivation over the years and I certainly don’t want to add to the countless books, tapes, Cd's, DVD’s, etc. on this subject without trying to add something positive. I will keep it short and to the point, especially when it comes to motivating your employee’s. In this post “Motivation” is going to be geared at your employees with an underlying quest to motivate yourself.
When it comes to motivating yourself, well that’s another issue for another post. Let me cover a really easy, quick way to not only motivate your employees but for you to be able to get closer to them as well.

When we do any kind of public speaking, training, seminars, etc., we are trying to get some point(s) across to help make everyone’s jobs easier, their lives, happier and the daily grind less of a grind and more of a smoothie.

We are trying to get people to participate and make the connection that the more they participate in the business lives of their customers, the more goodwill they will get. The more they do this the more money they can and will make.

We take a stack of real money and place it up front where everyone can see it and we explain what we are doing. The more they participate the more money they will receive. When someone answers a question or adds to the commentary, we give them some money. At first it goes slow but after a few minutes things heat up and the whole room is having a blast because they realize they are being rewarded for their participation.

As a business owner, why not get out of your office and walk the floor of your business? Why not let the people that are working with you and for you know how much you appreciate them? While you are at it, take a pocketful of one and five dollar bills with you. When you speak to someone and they give you a great idea, give them some money, pat them on the back and tell them thank you for what they just shared with you.

If someone has a great attitude, give them some money and pat them on the back for their uplifting spirit. You will be amazed how this tiny, inexpensive gesture will transform the attitude in your business. Of course a positive attitude, an uplifted “can do” spirit will overtake your business and before you know it that will make its way to your customers and prospects. In turn this will lead to more sales, higher profits and the list goes on. All of this just for showing a little appreciation yet it is simple and effective.

Of course this all starts with your attitude but because of time and space constraints we will have to deal with in another post.

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