Monday, February 23, 2015

Don’t Be A Grasshopper

Monday, February 23, 2015 7:35 AM
Grasshoppers are pretty cool little creatures. They can jump, some can fly, they love warm weather, eat a great diet and more. So why would I say “Don’t Be A Grasshopper?”

Let’s take a look at why I would say this. Of course this is going to lead back to our business so please pay attention and continue reading.

When we set out in life we have the wild-eyed, can-do anything thoughts of a child and that is wonderful. Then we get a little older and find out things may not be like we thought they were. 

Everything as a child seems so simple and easy and we can achieve anything and everything. Unfortunately life has a way of changing that but it doesn’t have to be this way.

When we don’t have clear direction or a clear path, we have to make decisions based on what we know which may not be enough information. So we make decisions based on this lack of information and when they don’t turn out the way we hoped we begin a downward spiral away from our self-confidence.

Now we get a bit older and have to make a living and take care of ourselves and our family. We get a job and work hard believing we will be rewarded but it doesn’t always turn out this way. We now have to try and make ends meet with what we are getting paid but just can’t do it. We start having thoughts of our own business.

This is where it gets really interesting. We desperately want to change our situation but all of a sudden our past failures come rushing back. We get nervous and we start hearing all kinds of noises in our head. Remember when you…..? Who do you think you are, you failed at…..? Now you’re going to try….. Are you kidding, you will never become….. Look what you did last time and so on.

Never forget that your past doesn’t have to equal your future. In fact, because of your past your future can be brighter than ever. How is this possible and what does this have to do with grasshoppers. Okay, let’s deal with the grasshoppers first.

Many of us as little kids would catch a bunch of grasshoppers and put them in a jar so we could watch them up close without them hopping away (all of you insect lovers out there, don’t write me nasty letters, we always let them go and yes, we always punched holes in the top for air).

If you were paying close attention to the grasshopper’s behavior, you were witnessing an amazing trait found in humans. The grasshoppers of course wanted to get out of the jar so they would jump as high as they could and hit their heads on the lid on the jar. They would keep trying to get out. But after a while they didn’t jump so high. In fact, if you removed the lid they wouldn’t jump out – why?

After hitting their heads against the top of the jar enough times and not liking that feeling, they would jump just enough to make them believe they were trying to get away but not high enough to get out.

We as humans do the same thing. We tried a few times to break out of our self-imposed cells. We want to get out of our job and make more, do more, and be more but…. There is the lid on the jar except there is nothing physically there.

You see our jar lid is in our minds, we have tried and failed, we have been ridiculed, we have been made fun of and after all, isn’t it just going to happen again? Isn’t success just for the other guy?

No it’s not and you have every right to live the life you want to live. You may have to work like a dog, stay up late, and not go out to dinner for a while. You may have to study, you may have to learn the right way or a different way or a better way to do things. You may have to get away from all of the negative naysayers in your life. So what! If you want to change your life then change your life and don’t let anyone (including yourself), talk you out of it.

You must master “self-talk.” You must master the art of building yourself up. Stop rehearsing all of your failures and start rehearsing the success that you want in your mind 24/7.

Now start thinking the right way, the successful way. Shut off anything that is not about success in your mind. Start seeing yourself as successful. See the home you want, cut out pictures and post them around you, the car you want, the weight you want to be, etc.

“Don’t Be A Grasshopper” be the success that you were created to be and live the life you were meant to live, you can do it!

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