Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Super Bowl

Thursday, February 5, 2015 7:32 AM
Super Bowl 49 is now in the history books and the Super Bowl commercials are what everyone looks forward to along with the game. Because of how big the Super Bowl is (this year setting a record of over 111 million viewers); the commercials are extremely important and expensive.

Being that the commercials cost millions of dollars to run, don’t you think they should be effective, or at least be understandable? A commercial is supposed to introduce a product or service, raise awareness, get you to take action, etc. So did the commercials on this Super Bowl do that? More importantly does your marketing do what it is supposed to?

A few years ago a very large and very well-known package delivery company asked me about their TV commercials and what I thought of them. I told them they weren’t very good (they weren’t very happy), but I shared with them how to correct them. You see they missed the point of advertising – it’s to get you to take action. Hopefully the action that you wanted them to take.

Unfortunately, most people and businesses have no idea of what they want to happen let alone what their marketing should actually be doing!

Take some time, think this through and figure out:
  • Who your market is?
  • What message are you trying get across?
  • What action would you like your prospects to take?
  • What do your products and or services do for your prospects?

Now that you know what the point of marketing is, think back to the Super Bowl commercials and ask yourself if they accomplished their goals?

What happened to the shipping company I mentioned earlier? They took my advice and increased their sales by $1.5 Billion per year. That’s right, $1.5 Billion per year each and every year they ran the ad!

Now do yourself a favor and do some homework to make this post stick. The next time you are watching TV and a commercial comes on, turn the sound off and watch the commercial. Can you tell before the end of the ad what they are selling?  Can you tell at the end what they are selling? Probably not.

Now go back and look at your ads, your marketing, and your sales message. Do they get your message across? Are they compelling enough for someone to take action? Or does your message get lost like so many of the commercials during the Super Bowl? I just hope you didn’t spend millions of dollars in the process.

Before you spend lots of your hard earned money on promotions ask yourself – will this move the people to contact us or will it get laughs like on the Super Bowl? Now go out and show the world how super you are!


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