Monday, February 2, 2015

Out Of Control!

Monday, February 2, 2015 7:06 AM
Haven’t we all felt “Out of Control!” at times in our lives? It is not a good feeling in our everyday lives let alone in our businesses.

If you feel now or have felt in your business that you are out of control you know how terrible it feels. You also know that you can’t operate this way and become successful. Certainly we cannot control everything around us nor do we want to as it would be too much to keep track of on a daily basis.

Although we can’t control everything around us we can control ourselves and we can control our business. With a few adjustments nearly every business can be brought under control. Is it important to have things under control? It sure is.

When you are out of control you don’t know:
  • What your staff is doing
  • What your sales will be
  • How to forecast
  • How to run your business properly
  • If you are coming or going
  • If you are successful
  • If you even want to stay in business

But don’t despair because things can turn around. Think about it, there are successful businesses all around you. They aren’t any smarter, they aren’t any better than you, they just learned a few things that you can learn too.

So how do you get things back in order and in a manner that works best for you? Great question.

The first thing you want to do is be honest (I know you are thinking I am always talking about being honest with yourself but it is extremely important), about where you are right now. Make a list of all of the situations that are not working [i.e. sales, management, shipping, receiving, etc.].

Now walk through the process of what is happening. Literally draw it out on a whiteboard, paper, whatever works for you. Now draw out how you would like it to be but keep in mind that you may have to make some adjustments because things don’t always work perfectly in the real world as they seem to in theory.

Now start to match up what the out of control process looks like compared to the right process. Begin to eliminate the problem areas and make sure you think through what this means in terms of:

  • Personnel
  • Cash Flow
  • Office space
  • Insurance costs
  • Auto Expenses
  • Payroll, etc.

You could not only solve many of the issues you have but you may also cut your costs in the process!

Once you have gone through all of this you will want to communicate the changes you are making with your staff. Discuss with them why you are doing this and get their feedback where appropriate.

If you will be reducing your staff; make sure you meet with them privately, do not do this publicly and treat those that may be asked to move on with respect. You never want to burn a bridge, even if it is someone that you may not like.

Once you have gone through the thought process, mapped your way to gain control and rolled it out to your staff; get to work and don’t look back!

You will most likely have to make adjustments along the way so don’t let this throw you when it happens. No one can foresee every scenario but keep in mind you can do this.

You were created for success but you can’t be successful if you are “Out of Control!” Now go out and show the world the champion that you were created to be!


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Dean Marchese

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