Monday, February 9, 2015

How Many Legs Should I have?

Monday, February 9, 2015 7:26 AM
What kind of question is “How Many Legs Should I have?” and why would I ask something so ridiculous?
Not so fast because as always, there is more to this story.

President Lincoln supposedly said “How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg.” Now I don’t know if President Lincoln actually said this but it is a great point that our current day politician’s should take to heart (we’ll leave that for another discussion).

The point here is that you need to ask yourself the question “How Many Legs Should I have?” pertaining to your business. How many ways do you drive business into your organization? Do you:


·         Know how to get another companies sales team to sell for you?

·         Use direct mail?

·         Use email blasts?

·         Have an outside sales force?

·         Have an inside sales force?

·         Use social media?

·         Have a plan?

·         Have a process for following up on leads?

·         Follow up on trade show leads?

·         Follow up on all mailings?

·         Use Host/Beneficiary Relationships?

·         Work with your competitors?

·         Bundle your offerings?

·         Work with other local vendors?

·         Bundle your offerings with compatible, non-competitors?

·         Have a formal referral program?

·         Have the right compensation program (for those in and out of your company)?

·         Know how to set all of this up?

·         Know how much more is available to you and your business?



You see most businesses use a few things they believe will build their business. They make a little money and now want to invest in other things rather than their business. They start trying to invest in the stock or commodities market. I’m not knocking these markets as you might make a little money but you are risking a lot when you really don’t have to.

Rather than getting into something that you may not be an expert in, why not focus on sales and marketing of the subject matter you are an expert in - you? Why not invest in your business where you can get a 20% return or a 100% return or maybe a 1000% return or more? Not only is this possible but we have done it over and over!

Most businesses don’t look around and see all of the possibilities that are available to them. They don’t realize there are so many hidden assets within their business and within their reach. They use one or two of the tried and true techniques they heard might work and that’s the end of it.

Never rely on just one or two ways to build your business. You want to use everything that you can that is available. Now don’t run out and start trying to do all of this at once. Sit down and map out a plan that goes in a logical sequence that gets you from where you are to where you want to be. Get some help from those that are experts in their field of sales, marketing, and processes etc.

A great example of this is that you can spend your entire life trying to figure things out or you could spend a few dollars on a book or DVD that will instruct you. You could learn in a few hours what took someone else a lifetime to learn through hard work, pain and suffering. Invest in yourself and make the most of everything that you can.

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Now the next time you are out shopping for pants or getting dressed, ask yourself “How Many Legs Should I have?”


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